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Benzo's as appetite stimulant's
(12-01-2017, 11:50 AM)OldBoy Wrote:
(12-01-2017, 02:26 AM)Rafterman Wrote:
(11-30-2017, 11:13 PM)OldBoy Wrote: I've often wondered why I seem to have a much more normal appetite when being treated with benz@s...I'm the sort who skips breakfast in favor of an extra twenty minutes sleep, forgets to eat lunch because there is always something more important to do / worry about than fixing a sandwich, and now that I live alone, for the most part have soup, a canned vegetable, and perhaps a sandwich for dinner.

That's when I'm untreated, or miss a dose of medication.  When I'm being actively treated with a benz@ anti-anxiolytic, I eat a normal breakfast, pack a lunch to take with me, and cook something reasonably appetizing for dinner, I'll even snack on popcorn or pecans in the evenings.

I've always surmised that the calming effect of the medication makes one worry less about over-eating, or simply produces a normal appetite by virtue of relieving the stress and anxiety that cause loss of appetite, but I could be absolutely wrong on that count, I've done no research and read no studies to support my conclusion.
Hey OldBoy,
The benzo's increase appetite through a complex process that makes food and drink seem more palatable to the brain. I imagine that there is the secondary effect of reduced anxiety helping the appetite along a little further. Here's an PubMed piece that explains how they work in animals. With the science in place behind it, you would think that benzo's would be approved as an appetite stimulant, but the FDA thinks that the risk/reward ratio is upside down. How wrong they are. They do not take anorexia seriously enough. It is a killer. In any event, here is the piece.  Take care.

Excellent, Rafterman.  The article's abstract neatly destroys my own theory, and the text (fortunately, I still have access to ScienceDirect via my former employer, if only for six more months) is a great read.  Berridge and Peciña demonstrate pretty conclusively that perceived palatability of food and fluids is enhanced by benz@ agonists, and that the anti-anxiolytic effect of the medications is a (remotely) possible, but only secondary, if at all extant influence on appetite.

Really appreciate the link my friend, much better reading over breakfast than the newspaper Smile

Lol, my pleasure, OB. My best to you.  RM
(11-05-2017, 08:17 AM)Rafterman Wrote: Hey all,
After 30 years of counseling emotionally-troubled client's, I have seen my share of anorexia. There are 4 or 5 conventional appetite stimulant's available by script. Most are used by patient's undergoing chemo. Not once have I seen one of our prescribing doc's write for one of those drugs. We used benzo's to break through the anorexia. When the anorexia is caused by a fear of gaining weight (anorexia nervosa), treatment with benzo's was only moderately effective. When it was treated by lack of hunger for no apparent cause (anorexia), the results were stunning. Very few cases that weren't resolved. After a couple of weeks, we could remove the med and the lust for eating continued! Of course, we live in a world of benzophobic doc's who rather prescribe harsh, potentially life-threatening medications in place of a simple benzo. My personal opinion is that benzo's are a Godsend. I can't think of a medication that I have seen help more people. Yes, there are abusers...and they harm themselves and they harm legit users), but the majority of scripts are written for the truly needy. Benzo's can save lives, just as much as an antibiotic, or a heart medication, or a blood pressure drug can. Yet so many have trouble getting access. Anorexia is only one example. It's an under-reported problem in the US. It could all but be wiped out if doc's wouldn't be so hesitant to give a patient what they need.

are you saying that in your country they use  benzos to help cure anorexia?.   In the UK we just get a nose hose.  I  had a bmi of 14. something, I was given NG tube, ensure, a dietitian ,  and had to be weighed by me GP. as soon as my bmi was 17 I was described as weight restored ( despite the fact anything under 17.5 is classified as anorexic.  When I look back there was NOTHING wrong with my body at all, in fact I was slim but toned, but when you have to weighed as part of your job, it does mess with how you look.  I was never given any appetite stimulators nor benzos.  Just stuck in room with a nose hose.
ive been following this thread since the start,but think its really wrong to associate benzos with appetite stimulates,or as treatment option.

think its more of people that eat will overeat in general, benzo involment in this case it puts person in dont care mood, so maybe those having issues just forget and relax which results in starting to eat or eating more.But in personal experience those with eating disorder could be easily cured with some good MJ,since doc prescribing benzo for such patient i would see it as malpractice, as we all know its good for two-4 weeks before dependence sets in, and someone with such condition surely doesnt need extra mess in their life wich will result in worse long run.

now im not saying its bull,or people are full of crap here, but unless theres some actual research done and proven, its gossip talk.asthma meds with steroids do result in weight increase and stuff like quitting smoking but dont think benzos should be considered in that league.
I was surprised - and a little confused - by this too, cmdline.

The link provided by Rafterman above is tantalizing - seems that in this study on rats the benzo's "enhance hedonic taste palatability".
In ratspeak, I suppose this translates too "Yum - it tastes sooo good I think I'll eat some more".

Benzo's have the opposite effect on me - under their effect I find that I'm just not terribly interested in eating anything. Tasty or otherwise.
This is a very happy side effect for my slightly expanded waist line.

So...if I combine the effect of benzo's effect in rodents...with my own personal experience, I think it means.....that I am not a rat.

 Big Grin
There's a difference between having an opinion and having an informed opinion.
Richard thats why i posted on benzos i found i can go even all day without eating most the times, have good bmi but could use couple stones of muscle, but once i get my fix i dont care about food, then again if i can stuff my mouth with fast food or smth nice theres no limits benzo or not so go figure. benzos might help a bit on fixing mental issues with food disorder patients but wouldn't call it stimulant, not sure what alternatives are used in the field but as mentioned benzo would add to the problems long term. Id didnt knew better said why not, but since i do, id exhaust different alternatives that exist with less severe side effects.
If you are a nervous person or suffer of anorexia cause anxiety, there is not doubt that alprazolam will work. If I am not wrong , I saw some generic versions around the world that came with domperidone and are call it something like " xanax digest ".
Most people gain waight if on benzos for long . Gaba has something to do with metabolism and with thalamic pathways regulating appetite . If you feel the munchies a good idea is to avoid sugar drinks , sodas and sweets , you will feel hungry but you can swich to a lot of vegetables and fruits . It is rather what you eat since your appetite will grow and metabolism will slow .
 The truth will set you free .
I would have to agree on the statement that it somehow does have an affect on your appetite.
Here is a link (can't hot link) showing a study from 05 that the mechanism in which it affects appetite is yet to be established

hxxps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih dot gov/pubmed/15808888

From my personal experience I would say it somehow does have an affect on my appetite, not that It increases my appetite but rather that I'm not satisfied after eating (now this may be due to the parasympathetic nervous system) in short (rest and digest)

We have two parts of our Nervous systems (Sympathetic nervous system activates what is often termed the fight or flight response) and the (Parasympathetic nervous system termed as rest and digest)

Now talking a Benzo might have an affect on your Parasympathetic system in short pulling your nervous system towards resting and digesting thus perhaps having an increase in appetite. As the study below shows

(sorry can't hot link)

hxxps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih dot gov/pubmed/1574544

Now from my understanding benzos have an affect on that part of the nervous system, thus probably explaining why I'm not satisfied with food as long term use it has swayed my nervous system to want to constantly rest and digest thus causing altered sleep pattern where your not actually had a restful sleep and constantly in digest mode thus not satisfied with food.

Anyone else have anything they could add?
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