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UK MHRA pharmacy registry
Some of you probably already know about this. In the UK there is a government registry of Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) of pharmacies authorised to sell online. This (in theory) means that any pharmacy on the list is not a scam. I don't know how true this is but it is a government website which lists them so it seems quite legit.

Note though that just because a pharmacy is not listed, it does not mean it is a scam. I know a couple examples of this. It seems that this list is more a voluntary thing than mandatory as people can suggest wedsittes to be included. I am not a lawyer though so someone else should weigh in here.

The main site where you can search for pharmacies is here hxxps://]
They list what medicines each pharmacy is allowed by the following types:

#1-General sales list medicines- These are medicines you can buy in shops. In the UK you can get paracetamol, ibuprofen and throat losenges with dichlorobenzyl alcohol like strepsils and others on shop shelves and are easily purchased. 

#2-Pharmacy medicines- These are over the counter (OTC) medicines which you can get from a pharmacy. In the UK these include medicines with codeine/dihydrocodeine with paracetamol, cough medicines with DXM, antihistamines with chlophenamine, strong throat lozenges with flurbiprofen and potentially codeine linctus, though this is quite difficult to acquire.
#3-Prescription only medicines- These generally require an online consultation which can be quite thorough and is reviewed by a doctor. Many medicines are included such as contraceptive pill, light pks, Z drugs antidepressants and many others.

There is a useful function on the registry, if you search without entering anything then it lists all 668 registered pharmacies- hxxps://]hxxps://[/url]

 Many of the pharmacies only sell #1 medicines (e.g. amazon etc) but with a bit of searching you can find pharmacies which sell all 3 types. I hope I am allowed to post this, it is a government resource after all. I think it can be a great resource for people in the UK to avoid scammers. To reiterate the sites on here should be good as they are registered by the government. I have not tested this but it since it is made by the government it should be official. Also sites which are not on here are not necessarily scammers.
If they are lot a member of the MHRA there is GOOD chance they are scammers or the meds could be dud or dangerous.
Also you are risking legal issues by not buying from MHRA
You are right yellow dog, I eventually found those reliable pharmacies that I thought were not on there were actually registered. Sometimes the search function dosn't lead directly to the registration since a company can trade by a different name than the one on the website. Even so, I think the quality of pharmacies registered does vary so it is still important to read reviews, just because they are legally registered does not mean they provide good customer service. I just thought someone with time could use this to find some good UK pharmacies which have not been suggested before. Sorry it seems my HTML links didn't work, are we allowed to post direct links or is it just because I am under 50 posts?

Direct links can be problematic.  and If I was you I would not do it.

Put in down in a way that one can know, but it is not hot. K ?

As you very well know, I assume, by the way you post.

We do NOT want links to trouble in any form.

You might keep that in mind.
K ?

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I understand hot links are probably not a good idea, bots and all sorts can link onto them and as you point out direct links may cause trouble so I will avoid using them in future.

Thanks for the pointer
Ok, i saw the hot links and replaced enough with hxxp. That is why they don't work.

Mad max is telling you Truth. A few months back, someone put up some hot link that was so hot it crashed our forum for a few hours. But admin of steel fixed all that.

It just creates a potential security hazard for our forum and our members. But, those whom choose to read ur links, will figure out to replace hxxp with http or https. (I learned the hxxp from our Ice Wizard.)
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I guess that's all the bots, potentially opening up the forum to DDOS attacks, so apologies for the live links. I guess you guys cant remove the function from the vb bulitin board but maybe include in the rules not to post live links?  I cant remember reading it but if i missed it I do apologise, though I do imagine that you would have called me out on it had I done so  Wink

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