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Stimulant help- maybe research ish?
Ok Im dragging ass. i just moved and underwent a bunch of testing to find out i have add, adhd, seveer depression, and the list goes on however i notice when i take phentermine right when i wake up i dont feel depressed and i get up and go t o the gym. im starting to build a tolerance to phen and dont really like it all that much. until i find a good doc to help me down here i was wondering are there any good research supps nothing along the lines of methamphetamine. i want to be able to eat but have energy for the gym and work. I was thinking i wish i has come of the old Jack3d which had 1,3 DiMethyl as its active stimulant i bleieve. now i dont know whats good anymore i have stayed away for so long. not sure if ther are any legals supps not yet banned or research stims that wont trip you out?

thanks alot
I would say stay away from meth at all costs, you dont need to have a sort of test with such stimulants . Unless you want to crash or freack out the most you can go is for some addies .
Possibly try modafinil though it wont compare to the stims you had before, it may take the edge off; it is more calming and subtle then other stims, though it is quite effective. Either that or methylphenidate (ritalin) which is often prescribed for adhd. Have you tried either of these? probably it is better to stick to meds then using sport supplements where exact dosage and ingredients is often unknown.

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