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Hey OldBoy, Sounds Like you are on the right track My Friend. V's make me a bit drowsy and tapering was rather easy as I went from 40mg a day with some Beers after work to non-daily use! Still say as I have too many times that Clonazepam would be a great transition med and under the tongue comes on quick and is very pleasant. Best Wishes-FF
It all depend on each person. Nothing give me the "peace of mind " state like alprazolam. And sometimes I simple need that.
I am not suffering for panic attacks, but when It was a daily think, the alp was a life saving .
But, yes, you can use it in the wrong way too. To feel 24X7 happy and sleeping all the day .
I am scripted a low dose of both clon@z and alpr@z.
This works very well for me for my GAD and panic attacks when they occur.
I'm lucky to have a Dr that understands my anxieties and even when my state started cracking down, she just lowered me slightly, but I can't fault her their.
Alp's certainly have their place, and after I started this thread I expected some angry responses! Very Happy to hear that it has become more of a discussion than Bad-Mouthing Me! But this is the decent common courtesy I have come to expect at IOP, Good Folks, All of You!-FF
I agree.  It can be easy to get hooked on these medications.  Some great advice in this thread.
(10-22-2017, 09:44 PM)cajunbulldog38 Wrote: I take Ativan for panic attacks and told my doctor not xanax because it felt too good.

HAHAHA i love Ativan and it lasts longer for me win alround!!!

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