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Deleting too Detailed Post??
I said this in a mother thread but it was more or less passed over. 
Will admins delete post that do not contain euphemisms? 
I know I haven't always done that and for the protection of the community I won't do it again, but does admin actually take action on these matters?

Thanks guys!
Not necessarily, sometimes we may just edit out the "too much info" part, but that gets to be quite the job when there are so very many. Therefore we rely on our members to kinda police theirselves when making posts here..

Hey look, we are all here looking for relief that we cannot get from our docs, due to our government protecting us from ourselves!!By speaking in a sort of "cryptic" way, our escapades are not broadcast, through g00gle, across every L man's desk across the country....

It's not rocket science, just misdirection to CYA... It's not only for us, the vendors and most of all YOU... I'm quite sure that you do not want your business splattered in the search engine's data bank, I know I don't want mine there Smile

So we ask our members to not confront anyone that just spills their guts on the forum, but to hit that button and make a report so we can take the appropriate action.... In this way we will stay afloat in this world we live in... By helping the forum stay safe, ensures our existence and will benefit all of us in the long run Smile

Thank you and please drive through...

A True Friend 
Freely Advises Justly 
Assists Readily, 
Adventures Boldly, 
Takes all Patiently,
Defends Courageously
Continues a Friend Unchangeably.

William Penn

Well said Ice. I sometimes think about how to convey information without giving TMI. If I want to talk private I PM or use the provate forum.

Regards Eddie
Thanks for the explanation Ice, being new just trying to cross my t's and dot my i's. Definitely don't want my information out there, and would hate to put anyone else in harms way.

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