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Question about language
Hi, I noticed that some members use euphemistic terms when describing products, such as calling them "magazines" or "food." I just wanted to clarify if this is a requirement on this forum? Thanks!
You don't have to use the exact same words like "magazines" or "food."
We just prefer not to say what name of meds we may have received when leaving feedback from whoever we may have ordered from,if you do mention the name of what you ordered in a vendors thread it may not go down to well with our mods and admins,use any word you want just dont be saying the name of meds you may have ordered,nor payment methods or place your order has come from,its just trying to stay safe basically.
In a way... Yes..

Using different terms to describe an item, will not show up in g00gle searchs..

I mean. if someone looks for a drug, then all shows up in the infamous search engine, However by using terms like this
then we do not show up in the radar..

I we start using the correct terms in order to fully describe exactly what it is we are getting, then we become targets of, well you know who.
By kinda covering up these terms, we are not drawing attention to ourselves like all the other places doing similar things, they get the attention and we do not ..

The actual tactic has been used since this old net has been around, making it just a little harder to find us using those search terms..

Hackers have used this since the start and I think it keeps the unwanted attention away (for the most part)

( thanks G.Elias  :Smile
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All previous posts are completely correct of course.

That said if you have a question about how Lyr*ca can help one with nerve pain that is NOT related to a specific vendor, it's ok to be a bit more specific. However, by misspelling or adding an * somewhere again we avoid google.

Which is always our goal.
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By this same token will admin delete posts that do not contain these euphemisms? I know I haven't always used this language and am curious.
Thank you for the replies. I do understand the reasoning behind not using specific words in vendor threads.

I was just wondering if it was necessary to use codewords in the entire forum, since that would seem nearly impossible due to people asking for info regarding specific items.
InvisJ, there is a there is a rule about mentioning specific magazines; I am not quite at your level so I may be speaking out of turn. From what I read though, specific magazine discussion is reserved for PMS. As well once you gain access to the other vendors, just browsing and talking to them goes along way. Once again though I maybe speaking out of turn.

"17. DO NOT in any case discuss the medication you ordered openly in any vendors thread. Please post only your experience from payment to delivery and reviews of the product you received whether good or bad."

You will find info on specific meds in threads within the General Discussion area of the forum. TruckKing is right in citing Rule #17 though. The key here is not to discuss specific meds within any Vendors thread.

Good luck. Feel free to PM me when you are able.


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