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My brother orders from I use modafini and lost my supplier, in a few months I’m going to order from this place. I bought so much from the last place I still have a good stash!
Hthat look like an advertisement and they only sell non controlled medication.
kinda true BW. but they do have prednisone, anti depressants that help with pain, lasix, and some nonsense like aspirin for a fortune. plain aspirin.

however, country of origin is very tough to get things outta country and into country of origin. so, without mentioning country, have things changed? Can the US receive now? Or, should this be recommended to people in country of origin only. dunno yet.

What say ye all?
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Sorry Charon, I thought the first post literally looked like someone advertising for the forum, but apparently they were not.
It is all good, BW. *I abbreviate due to disability issues.*

We all love that you took the time to warn people that this seems to have scam written all over it.

So, please don't all go using this source out of desperation. We need feedback from others whom have used this vendor.

I have been at other forums with Original Poster. If you read all her posts, u will see why the med she plans to get here is imperative to her health and well being.

But, if anyone has used them very recently, whilst all the troubles are occurring, please let us know. Especially as to issue of pharmacy getting product out of country of origin, and, into the US.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

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