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It has come to our attention that some failure of a vendor is emailing our members here, claiming that we at are endorsing them. Hell, even promoting them.

I promoted the lying buggery bollocks potential thieves right to the blacklist.

If you don't see a site listed here, under IOPs list,then, as far as you should be concerned, it don't exist.

And, of course the merry merry holidays are coming up. We shall be inundated with potential thieves. They want to steal your holiday to have one for themselves.

Really really watch out for con artists, strangers whom PM you, with a source only they know (then why would they share it with you? think about it.)

But, for now, some arsewipe of a vendor attempted this same, oh so clever ruse last year.

If we have not listed a vendor in IOPlist area, we are in no way, shape nor form endorsing said vendor.

How long do you think it took them to come up with this name? pharma plus plus.

These are the perfect example especially to all you newer people. Scam artists work this way. And, holiday time, when forums are their busiest and so are thieves, have just hit.

Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Thanks a lot for the info.  I think it does go without saying that you as a site wouldnt lay out this kind of blanket endorsement but it certainly doesn't hurt to remind folks since its getting harder and harder to tell and the scammed are getting better and better.  Thanks!!
Thank you for the heads up. Theives on the prowl
Thanks for the heads up. People that take care of peole in need during the holidays are in a class all tp them selves "Thieves"
Hey, eddie. Hope u r well.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Hi charon, I'm good thank you! Hope you're well. I feel like I've come home! It was macro that put me this way, I had an account but I forgot about it! I'm staying here for good! As long as you'll put up with me that is! Haha! Regards, Eddie
The two most important days of you're life:
1. The day you were born. Big Grin  
2. The day you find out why! Huh
Thanks for the info! So sick of theese people trying to rip us off and play on the ones who are legit and trying to deliver.
Thanks for the info.  Not sure if I have even heard of them.  I am careful now more then ever.  I only use the site and trust what is posted here.  Your advice is always trust worthy.
Big Grin 
thanks charon! I don't like open any emails that Idk the name of...
Thanksfor bringing it to out attention

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