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I'm little behind,today got my shipments .It took 8 days Wink.Product was top quality as usual.No doubt of delivery,already tested.Highly recommend this vendor.

EDIT: NO PORTS OF ENTRY PLEASE. AND, NEVER EVER DISCUSS SPECIFICS AS TO PACKAGING. u sure u r trying to help this vendor? or harm this vendor?
I'm pretty sure I recall getting the email from Marc & Alex saying this was a sister site!
It seems to be a good source of this drug
I will keep it in my favorite to time i need
I confirm guys that I got my package. I'm very happy that i got this package because I supply on big for me and couple people.Well packed and not touched from customs.
Just to not be taken wrong I'm not re-seller. I've order total 3 packages but got 5.Smile What a great surprise was that.
TD was all most 8 days which I consider fast delivery.
This definitely show me that this vendor is really diff from other mentioned above.It have own path of developing than the other.
The vendor send me sample and one pack for testing. I express gratitude about working this way to attract more clients.
They bought me now.I'm preparing new large order in next few day.
Trusted and becoming my favorite vendor and highly recommend.I will keep you post about new order how will go.
17. DO NOT in any case discuss the medication you ordered openly in any vendors thread. Please post only your experience from payment to delivery and reviews of the product you received whether good or bad.
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I am gonne say it again because last few weeks more people dont give **** about forum rules:

Read the rules before even thinking about posting, i have been there, and i wil tell u, u gonne go down on your knees if dont read the rules.

Takes less then 3 mins to read them, and those 3 mins is kinda a line between f*ck off or join this great family.

No in betweens here....
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Not the type of products most including myself are looking for
Please do not confuse our members and compare apples with apples

As I stated earlier, this site is a "sister" site to

I have just concluded a conversation with Marc....the gist of it is: same prices, same products, this site was intended to be a backup but is fully functional.

There is a third site called that is NOT related to our good friend and reliable vendor

One other item worth mentioning. This online Pharmacy does carry many, many (Trumpism) other items but they are not available online at this time...this may change in the future.
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Thanks Popster for the good info.Hope will see soon the new items.
I've place today one big order 360 from this vendor.
They update the design of the website of Vendor and still maybe are doing that idk.This is good sign that they invest in it and there are results from their existence.
I also read from other "unpopular" places online that TAT time is slightly bigger for delivery from this vendor as was previously.It increased from 5-6 days up to 12 days overall with good delivery experience.
I will post honest review how much will take this time.
Holidays are coming and we must "shift" our supply's.
I confirm that I've made big order yesterday from this vendor and get 25% OFF.Awesome must say because this is biggest discount ever I got.

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