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It seems to be a good source of this drug
I will keep it in my favorite to time i need
17. DO NOT in any case discuss the medication you ordered openly in any vendors thread. Please post only your experience from payment to delivery and reviews of the product you received whether good or bad.
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I am gonne say it again because last few weeks more people dont give **** about forum rules:

Read the rules before even thinking about posting, i have been there, and i wil tell u, u gonne go down on your knees if dont read the rules.

Takes less then 3 mins to read them, and those 3 mins is kinda a line between f*ck off or join this great family.

No in betweens here....
One day you'll leave this world behind...  
So live a life you will remember!
Not the type of products most including myself are looking for
Please do not confuse our members and compare apples with apples

As I stated earlier, this site is a "sister" site to

I have just concluded a conversation with Marc....the gist of it is: same prices, same products, this site was intended to be a backup but is fully functional.

There is a third site called that is NOT related to our good friend and reliable vendor

One other item worth mentioning. This online Pharmacy does carry many, many (Trumpism) other items but they are not available online at this time...this may change in the future.
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I confirm that I've made big order yesterday from this vendor and get 25% OFF.Awesome must say because this is biggest discount ever I got.
Unless one has to go to web site to see how to accomplish this act, would u be so kind as to share? Tis a lot of money to have discounted.

Inquiring minds wants to know.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I will partially answer that:

Coupon code through their website
First order sale ($40.00 off). If your order is $40.00 it is free
Discount is ALSO available for certain payment method

Combined with free shipping. It adds up to great deals if they have what you want

Nobody can touch their offerings at the moment Smile
Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence - Desiderata
If the vendor approves of your publishing his code in a public forum, then in that event, u may do so.

This is an issue the vendor and potential client should work out in Private Messages.

So, please check with vendor. Then let us know. If it is acceptable to him/her, then u may publish it to our forum.

However, as most will go to website, if it is on their website as our Popster states, then people can see it for themselves.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Man!  I"m bummed!!  I love love their selections AND PRICES but I cannot use the method to pay at this time.

I couldn't get the coupon code to work either, maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't order from here

for some reason?????? 

Hopefully, soon, when their pymt method and my institution get on the same page, it said to check back often.  

I've read the other method is complicated to use....not happy Confused
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