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Days when it is difficult to move? lazy? or depressed?
I have not got the time to spend some time giving advice to some of you, that i think m words can help uou with.

I just wanting people to know,I started this thread, when i was feeling very very low and stressed.

I wan to share how things inproved for me.

Things like SELF CARE are very important esp if you are a younf femail, I went to dressing in a mix of designer and high street for casual to just wearing seat pants and a hoody and NO make up, I also neglected my sin care routine, and things like showering and brushin hair and trrth.
Ladies if you have no plans for the day please take time for a relaxing bath, spreading body lotion on, and if you are only going food shoping, pease add a bit of lipstick and dress nice, ir reallu does makea difference. matching cute underear also males a differene even tho onlu you know aout it.

To the Gents, try and shower each day put om clean clothes, brush your teeth amd face the world even if it so for food shopping


Ths is very very important and I will explain mpew when I respond again to this thread soom.

In shortm the best thing that helped me is to recognise when you are feeling down. take lots of showers, have a nice set of clothes ready INCLUDING nigh clothes. Also eat well and exercise.

I will explain more about how I went form not washing teeth, getting out of bet etc, to how I kmw feel which is a LOT better without meds or a therapist.

keep posting those of you that feel down. will ne on this later I am off to get reads to a celebration held in homour, I would have laughed or screamed YOU don't know how Bad I feel"

will be back soon those that feel down, pease have a nice path and put some comfy but cute bed cothes on, after washing hair, brushing teeth etc,

Any questions please ask

I am very late to this thread but when I read Yellowdog's early quote "I don't feel depressed I just feel unmotivated and lazy and then angry at myself for being lazy.", I knew that was me! Glousck's recommendations were extremely helpful. Thanks to all that have contributed.

Though I'm not working and recently retired, the routine of working is what made life easier for me. My particular job was nothing but following a routine for 8-10hrs a day. The preparation before work and after was also a routine. My therapist aka wife Smile and I finally figured out that I need to treat my retirement more like my former job. Not actually working, but being more structured but not strict or being a slave to it. Scheduling chores and activities on paper has really helped. I also realized how weak I've become as my former job was pretty physical. Implementing some form of exercise is being worked into my schedule now. Lastly getting enough quality sleep needs to become a priority. Having your pets wake you up multiple times to go and bark at some birds is not conducive to a good nights sleep, though we love them dearly Smile
All very good points MoJim.

Structure in a persons time I think is way overlooked. And a very good thing to have, like you say not to be a slave in ur case but it will help just like you say.

Let me tell you about a person I know.
They retired . Dont remember if or how early but I do think early.
So the company needed some extra help on a big project and he came back for it along with other to help get it done .
A large capital project.
So he confided with us one day that he did not need the money .....BUT he needed the structure in his life.

We could understand because one time a friend called him at lunch break and asked how he was doing in retirement.

He head just got to his GF’s house to paint her garage door stopping on the way to get a 12 pack of beer he was drinking at noon.

So he needed structure in his life, he said. Not the money of the job and working made him have some structure.

 If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.
I am going share what helped me go from a depressed person who self neglect was so bad that I did not even brush my hair or teeth, and avoid contact, to become what I am know, More socially active, a lot more productive and feeling much happier. I also got back to exercising about 5 hours per day and eating well and taking good care of my appearance. Here is how it happened and I hope it helps out some of you, some females will relate better to this I am sure, but men can also find helpful advice so please don't skip.

The First and most Important thing'

Self care, I started with making sure I sat in a bath, when I first started I just used to sit in a bath for ages with my vest on, and washing my long hair seemed such an ordeal I just used to condition it. I often felt like just cutting it really short.
After bath and brushing teeth, put on clean clothes or Pyjamas, at first I only put on fresh PJ as I never left the house.
The important thing when you are feeling this low is to start very basic and not to feel so hard on yourself. AlsoI used protein shakes and ensure plus, as I was never hungry, but please do not let your body have less than 1000k a day, otherwise you will lose muscle and feel tired. I used isotonic sports drink, i think in the US Gatroaid is one of them.

I also made an effort to turn on the TV and connect to the internet and made an effort to talk to my internet friends and watch things on Netflix to cheer myself up. I did not stress about the mountains of laundry that was pilling up, as a last resort I could have them serviced washed, keeping yourself clean and fresh is very important.

I then made it my goal to leave the house each morning and buy a news paper a few magazines and little treats for myself, I also made small talk etc. This lead to me having the courage to go into town and have a browse through the shops and pick up healthy snack food. I also started to put on make up. I am the kind of person that can take or leave make up, I have no issues with taking selfies or going out without make up, but when you are down, putting make up on helps. I also found copying beauty tutorials make up routines helps, it feels like you are chatting to a friend when you do the " get ready with me" make up vids. Also YouTube is good for distracting yourself from depression.

I then started attending a local Zumba group, Zumba is a type of exercise that uses dance moves.

I got a call from my agent about a job that was for a few weeks, with these Jobs, they have very strict routines and guidelines, you have to get up and be ready at a certain time, No drinking, No Drugs, No Junk food, working/ exercising for hours sometimes u to 9 hours a day. I also got time to socialise with girls I already knew and meet new people, This Helped me a LOT, it gave me confidence, and being around people so much helped me. I know a lot of you don't have the opportunity to travel, stay in hotels with a pack of people you work with, but do try and socialise.

When the Job ended and i was back home, I reminded myself to keep to a routine, after self care, a routine is very important. I had no job at this point ( I am self employed) but i acted like I had one, I excercised and danced for hours each daym took good care of my diet, improved my skin routine, had my teeth whitened again, and had my hair trimmed and have a baylayge style, meaning that I do not have to worry about my roots, etc. I made sure my eyebrows were always groomed and i was shaven, and I even wore matching undies even tho no one saw them, this may seem trivial but it did help for me.

Get into a routine that involves, working and doing the necessary chores we all have to do, make time to socialise with people, focus on skin care/beauty routine. Focus on improving your chances for work, for me that was exercise and dancing, get up at an early time and go to bed at a reasonable time, avoid internet sites or fights that effect your mood, concentrate on the good things in life, visit family, visit friends, read up on current events, binge a few Netflix serious, start looking at hobbies, just keep on going, get up at early and do your ROUTINE. remember if you slide, go back to basics, that is self care, I cannot stress this enough, if you are so down you find bathing a struggle, fuck everything else and just focus on having that bath and putting in clean clothes, brushing teeth etc.

I am still not my usual selfm but i am feeing so much more better, I started the thread, so I felt obligated to tell you all how I am doing and give advice.

I still have more to say to individual members but I have not got the time just yet.

Thank you to all that contributed and for all those that are still feeling down, please carry on posting here, there are plenty of people here with some great advice,

I hope my story about how i went from super depressed to being reasonably happy and more confident helped people.
My life has improved so much since I started the Routine, my body shape has changed, a look heaps better and I landed more jobs including an MV Job, which is huge thing and helps a lot with the $, being self employed comes with its own stresses. I imagined I was my own company Yellowdog inc. I invested in myself, and worked on myself.

and those that are feeling super down right now, please remember the old saying " this too will pass"

Good luck to you all, i will be back later to share more.

Just wanted to say you made some excellent points and gave great advice.

I do some of the things you mentioned and YES, it does help.

Blackout curtains is one thing people seem to forget about.

I also have a little morning routine so I don't wake up dreading the morning ( Unless I am in that state of true depression)

My plan and goal, is to follow your advice and my own advice so I don't slip back into being  in a depressed state.  My mental health and overall health has improved so much since I started the thread,  I even look physically better and my health is a lot better.  No more getting cold sores every other week, frequent Kidney infections and regular headaches  from not drinking enough etc.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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