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Letter from Post Office
Recieved 2 letters from usps international research group about a package from 2 months ago. They are requesting I respond with in 7 days. Anyone else ever get these?  My instinct says to just trash it.
What Letter's ??????? LoL.....

pretend that you never got them.

Peace All
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Thanks for confirming what I thought. I've just never got one before. Freaked out for a few minutes then read it close and looked it up. Seemed like trash. I knew I could get a straight answer here. Thanks Furyan
Yes, to be put in the circular file. They can't prove you received it, unless you signed for it. The more difficult you make it on them, the less likely they will follow up.
I think you should just ignore it completely.
(09-03-2017, 05:36 PM)yellowdog Wrote: I think you should just ignore it completely.

Is this the norm for people to receive letters?   Huh  Is this the infamous LL i've read about?
I've never had one, but you would think they would
send it certified so that they would make sure it was received.
Has anyone had a follow up to the first one delivered and if 
so what did it say?
I'm glad I read about it here, or I might have to freak if
something like that popped up in my box!  I'm assuming now it's
nothing to worry about.
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As long as you do not claim the pkg, they will in time destroy it...

Yhey are just asking if you have a legitimate reason to HAVE the pkg, if so come pick it up..

But if you chose to ignore it (which you should do) they will not pursue it any farther...

Too many LARGE pkgs to worry about a small fish Wink

No harm... No foul... Smile

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2 mnths ago,prob your stuff went into burner or someones pocket Wink ,not sure on global laws but in many countries they give you 30 days before its trashed or whatever happens.So forget it as said what letter ? never heard of it.
The letters are a scare tactic. They don't have time to track down everyone who makes a purchase online. But I would never assume that they won't come knocking on your door if there are too many red flags.
It’s been 2.5 months and nothing new. Used a different address for my last delivery and now I should be good for atleast 6-9 months. Seems like it was nothing but I figure I’ll just lay low since I have no immediate need.

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