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Mr. or Miss Dub, Thanks for the input! I too am an MG guy only! Read about to many issues with the other. If you have read back further I love the small ethnic, usually Mexican out here markets. They send money all over the place as Nebraska is the Beef state and also a lot of hog's and poultry, so we draw people from all over to work in the processing plants. Never a single question! Merry Christmas!!!-FF
(08-25-2017, 12:30 AM)fishfarmer Wrote: Thanks for the advice, it seems as though there are conflicting opinions? Would a gambling debt too a foreign exchange student who visited the state for a while be a decent explanation ? Thanks You All-FF

Hi fishfarmer, I told MG that my sponsored foreign-exchange student was studying in another place once. I had to leave my house and go to pharmacy where MG was and talk to woman on phone. Went through, but was not a pleasant experience. Haven't done it since. 

My bank has NEVER cooperated, would not help with WU either. I used to go to grocery store for WU. Grocery store was better b/c it was mostly kids who don't care what you're doing. But, when asked (not often), I again was sponsoring over seas young person with their education.  I don't know about gambling debt. But, either way, hope it works for you. 

My fav guy worked with me as my kitten doc. He took my birthday cards, too. Couldn't have been easier. 

As an aside, I think I have to start a thread to ask what happened to my vet, but I think I should wait until I have 50 posts.

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