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Yeah it's luck of the drawer I feel the more sent though the more under scrutiny it becomes. All this terrorism stuff I'm afraid
Just the other day, i used MoneyGram to send paper to a friend, thats a few times ve done it to different people anywhere in the world, i think its well handy!!
Never had any problems as of yet, and will keep using it, and the fees are good.
they evenn txt you when the paper has been picked up by your friend, just kinda like paypal, your paper is safe with them.
I cant be bothered with WU, when MG online i so easy & handy!
Never used MG because have always used W# online.

It used to be a pain but, over the years their website has got better.

I did have to give them some ID a while ago and it's been easy ever since.

Am really surprised some people have had a bad experience with them, maybe it has to do with what country you are sending to or from?
I"ve been to check cashing stores, Walmart, Kroger, and Publix for WU. The best experience is with Publix. It's their policy to be as polite and helpful as they can possibly be to the customer and i've never been questioned there. Weird looks from Walmart people and Kroger one time couldn't even find the country I was sending to Nor had she ever heard of the country. I know publix isn't in all states, but I believe most of SE and NE???
(08-23-2017, 07:01 AM)Sunglassesron Wrote:
(08-23-2017, 02:21 AM)alexandrema Wrote: i advise against using this services online.

some banks will block it and others don't.

But online you most certainly will be interrogated by phone from MG or WU. And in the end they usualy don't do the transfer. We have to remember their services are not meant for this businesses.

i can tell you about my personal experience:
i use WU in a bank agency (it's not my bank) and they ask me nothingCool
All banks do is text you to ensure it's you who's made the payment.  It's down to MG/WU to knock it back as they're transferring the cash

i buy contacts from Canada now, but I used to buy from England.  The bank always called me to confirm the transaction.  IT always went thru now.
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Many points of view on the thread and I thank you for the info. Turns out there is an MG only 1/2 hour away and it is a small ethnic market like I used too use.! Love those little markets. And my first transaction was smooth as silk. Thanks my Friends for all the advice! FF
I use Money gram online with a verified id and rewards program.Once I was a rewards member never had another problem.
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MG called me and interrogated me when I used them twice online; once it went thru the other time they denied. I have ordered twice thru the WU phone app and no phone calls just went thru.

BUT I find it easier and less intrusive to go to a store for either.
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I’ve used both and both were a pain. I prefer WU though 

MG online worked great the first few times then suddenly they suspended my account forever. So that sucked. I don’t blame them though, the way the world is today.

WU called and asked a bunch of questions and forced me to send it physicallly, ta least that one time. Still better than MG through

Gotta say, both services have big differences when it comes to fees for sending money to different countries. Could save you some money.
Money transfer services are getting heavily watched and regulated since 9/11/2001.
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