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Judging by the responses, I think I will go to a location instead of deal with the interrogation, wish she would take MG as that has always been so easy and there is one nearby. Thank You all. FF
I have used W.U. online numerous times but never sent funds out of U.S. I would imagine that there are a lot more fields of info that you must fill out to do so. If sending out of the U.S. I would recommend going to a W.U. location if sending funds out of U.S.
there are some problematic countries to do international online.
(08-29-2017, 03:01 AM)alexandrema Wrote: there are some problematic countries to do international online.

its not problematic per say but in most cases where its going, tried once to setup online and straight ran into blocked and call etc wu, if you need to use it just find oriental place some run down corner store where no one gives a care in the world and do it there, even thou done it in person a lot many years ago never was asked or looked down, but seeing some responses id move my business elsewhere since seems a lot of glorified A holes think they have rights to ask questions which aint their business for someone who works at a till.
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I have never had an online transfer work with mg. Never tried wu
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I used wu on my last mag order. Had some issues and had to do a chat with them but it all worked out eventually. Sent online via my smartphone on their app. Prefer mg since I can do it in person with no id but that wasn't an option this time. Feel free to pm me with any questions.
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I use WU online once a few months ago and they wouldn't release funds to receiver after several days and multiple tries on their end. Then I called WU and was asked to verify that I personally knew the receiver and then all was fine. No big deal, but I didn't like the feel of it. I only do things in person from now on.
My very last successful transfer was with MG online. Since then I have not been able to use MG or WU to send. I complained to the companies but they say they are protecting their customers. As if Im not old enough to protect myself. I feel our rights are slowly being taken away by both of these companies. I'm not outright banned but I know many people who are.
last time i tried to use mg they had me shut down. didn't tell me why no reasoning, or atleast who i talked to had no way of knowing or looking it up so they said . haven't tried wu since but it is a bit worrying.

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