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Suggestion - Points to Access Certain Vendors & ETC.
I am a member of other forums, not like this one though, that have a points/tokens system where members can earn those points for certain actions like a new thread, a reply, posting a photo, answering a poll and etc and those points can be exchanged for access to restricted areas if the forum. I searched here but did not see anything like this and hadn't seen where anyone else had suggested it either. I'm not sure if this would even be of interest here but it has been something fun on other forums I use.

Perhaps a point system here would encourage participation and the points accumulated could be exchanged for information about a certain vendor or set of vendors. Many of the forum scripts have an add-on for a points or rewards system like this of some type. Points could be accumulated by members to be exchanged for vendor information that would basically be like VIP Vendors. I know this is done here with post count but a section could also be.set up for the points system as well. I'm not sure how much work would be involved with it but I do have some interesting ideas for it which I'd be happy to share if there's interest. One idea is this, a member doesn't have fifty posts yet but they are interested in finding a vendor with a certain product and one is available after 50 posts but that member has let's say 5,000 accumulated points, the member could cash in their points in exchange for that one vendors information before they reach 50 posts. This is just one idea but I have a million more for it. If the staff likes the idea, I will share my ideas.
We kinda like it the way it is.... thankx

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I think our way is tried and they say and it works well for us.

Thanks for the suggestion.

We have members post their first fifty posts so we can get to know if we trust them. If all goes well, then the fifty post count allows them to see certain more vendors.

Further, one then obtains 150 posts, no more than ten a day after ur first fifty, wherein one can see our most restricted vendors.

For each post u make, or thread, u earn one point toward your post count.

We have seen people get to 150 posts and more, and still have to be banned because they suddenly decided to vend from an atrocious country. Without permission.

I read every post as do most of my senior and pioneer members on here. Based on your posts, we vote and decide if you are allowed to remain a member and get access to our most important info.

Thank you for the suggestions. I am sure you made wonderful ones. But, I have been at the helm of many a forum for almost a quarter of a century.

I study people. Their words. Their actions. So we want to see a new member make fifty posts. then, 150 posts. So, we can understand his or her character.

I was originally gonna be a psychiatrist because i study the human mind. But, when my older sister vivisected a baby pig, I decided to become a doctor of law.

I can learn a lot about people posting on this forum from their posts. From other members.

Thank you for the ideas though.
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If u are not clear on this, making a post, or starting a thread, or putting up a song or such in lounge WILL EARN U THE POST COUNT TO SEE OUR VENDORS.

Just remember that we senior and pioneer members whom began this forum with me, we do watch everything to see whom is welcomed into our family.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
There are so many flaws in your would take a forum to discuss them... Rolleyes
Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence - Desiderata
I'm new on here but I respect Admin (Charon) and the moderators for
keeping an eye on member's posts. It protects everyone and maintains privacy imo.
Popster, I absolutely love your signature. Not sure if it is a common phrase, but I had never heard it. I thoroughly enjoy and agree with it!
Not for me this convoluted points and tokens system, what we have had here works for us, why try and fix something not broken ?
appreciate the input but its just not for us here.
Good luck here hope you find and can offer some advice and help.
Frankly, if a poster has 5000 posts, he can be a moderator if he is someone of ethical character.

Methinks your ideas, whilst good, are a wee bit confusing to those of us whom have been here for a few years.

Thank you for you input though.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

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