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Be Warned!!
I've had letters every day so maybe your issue is local. Perhaps you could test by sending yourself a letter?
melissa: not to worry. Our Ice Wizard figured out how to type in a URL without it showing and being clickable. One hot link caused the forum to go down for a day or so.

you wouldn't have known. It is a general statement. you have done no wrong. promise.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I know a number of people who have lost items this week although these seem to be going to Ireland which seems a no go area at the moment
For UK members.....
Ive been informed of a royal mail strike apparently planned to start end of November into the busy xmas time, theres talks between the unions for the royal mail, as us uk people know the royal mail is now private for profit company, the torys sold it off a couple years back.
Anyway, just a heads up for members, just incase!!

Thanks for the heads up mucu101...I haven't seen anything mentioned on the New yet.
thx mucu also sent pm to sunglaess if you can shed some light on one q.

royal seems disaster every year now,not the postman but people who are in charge are complete waste since seeing few docum online seems its run like some sort of garbage company no one cares in the management and these strikes have become yearly thing,thinking in general most countries seem to lose massive amounts of cash running postal services yet seeing tons of mail they cant figure out how to distribute profits properly is truly shame.
48 hour strike was due to start 19th October but RM won an injunction to prevent the strike going ahead. Thats all i know so far, just do a search and see if theres any further updates, things can change fast with this kind of thing.

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