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Be Warned!!
Nope. Nothing is certain. I went into permanent taper months and months ago. C'est la vie. That we find ourselves in at the moment.

Were u using online when amazon sold empacod without a problem? to the USA. But, unfortunately the animal rites activists whom mistake criminal acts for activism, substituted the empacod pills with seroquel. It can have quite a nasty effect on many I thereafter read. How did that act possibly help animals or bring attention to the cruelty in this county? PETA went nutz. And, the US LE put an end to empacod at amazon. sighs.

I saw this coming years ago. But, i felt I can still live on soma and small amts of valium to prevent more seizures. And, butalbital for headache pain. The rest I can buck up. Maybe.

But, then those items were made impossible to obtain.

And, I don't mean online only. My older sister is past pres of three radiology hospitals in NYC. Now she and her doctor husband have trouble both for themselves. Their kids. Their former patients. My sister just shut the last woman's clinic down cuz of current circumstances. She did believe in actually treating people with well known meds that have been proven to work. She never took a dime to hawk only humira, and lyrica and a few others for oh, wtf, all illnesses.

We have gone backwards in terms of treating the elderly and the chronically ill in this country. And, it pains me to say one off color word about my gvt. I was raised to respect all members in authority.

So, I am baffled. Bewildered.

I know the Big PK went thru even my neighborhood when i was young. We lost some people. And, some doctors were starting to get reviewed for their scripts. When i was young. Man.

It is becoming a total reality now. Can the chronically ill survive on excedrin, and dramamine or whatever for anxiety. Immodium. Whatever.

Cuz, i never even looked at the dark net. Too dangerous for me. humble opinion and all. But, the third one has gone down also. And so many countries are being targetted.

My houseshare gets his news off weird sites and says there is a 2030 plan to be rid of all the disabled and about one half of all peoples on planet at this time.

Having the medical profession abandon us upon penalty of their licenses, and having online so disrupted, i shudder to think what comes next.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I have now seen the same warning given by the OP via another source. There seems to be an emphasis on "special delivery" post. In the UK Special Delivery is entirely different to the type of regular post. Even post that is signed for on delivery is different to Special Delivery because SD is tracked every step of the way, insured to a far higher limit and guaranteed to arrive by either 9am or 1pm the next day. SD goes through a different channels since it is higher priority. ie. It isn't sorted with the rest of the mail. Therefore, it would be much easier for LE to have a look at those packages.

I still think anything going through the main stream of mail is in such vast quantities that the police do not have the resources to check it. But special delivery is a very small fraction of the post sent (I'd guess less than 0.5%) and of that half will probably be legal documents - i.e. it is clearly going to/from a law firm, is made of paper etc. Therefore special delivery wouldn't be a huge effort to take a look at.
I'm told this has been checked out and it's no hoax also
im not sure how mail or small parcels are loaded but given uk in general its main hub for most europe,second being netherlands and quantities would be in tonage amounts for all deliveries,id say if you pulled entire force to check they still would have hard time, since in these cases as said it clear they look for organized targets who do stealth or big hauls.That said if they pull enough samples of ordinary parcels to notice something going on then no one knows what way it goes, none the less at least having idea that these things go on ,is way better then not knowing at all,since usually you hear stories come many months later for public.

so yeah nothing is for certain,but taking smaller amounts and maybe skipping for a while in the region is no harm.
I'm sure it is best to be careful for a while.

FOF tells me that in the UK Special Deliveries don't go in with the regular mail. That's because they are prioritised as next day delivery, and they are also more carefully accounted for and tracked through the system. Since they are a small percentage of the total mail, and already separated out, I believe this may be what police are focused on. Darknet sales are very often posted SD so both sides can see it is tracking through the system.

This is an educated guess based on a bit of intel, so I could be wrong. But if you think about it in terms of processes, the logistics of doing the scans, and police priorities (lots of pressure on the darknet at the moment), then this would make sense.

I don't know anything about international post and whether it is affected.
The way i see it is that its the dark net thats sparked a hell of a lot more interest in what is passing through postal systems, in the US I'm particularly thinking of that fent which is killing thousands, its arrived in other countries but is usually used for cutting street drugs, in the US its appearing in pain killers, don't know the numbers that have died from taking pks with fent in them,I heard on the radio late the other night that 50 thousand died last year due to fent, didn't say if it was from pks or street drugs, maybe a combination of both maybe ?

I keep seeing articles in the MSM online or tv documentaries about how the dark net is using the post to deliver all kinds of stuff, this will cause people not using the DN to have mail seized, I don't wish to get involved with the DN really, LE seems to be coming down on DN markets so postal inspections will go up affecting others who have no links to the dark net.

I don't have anything sent by special delivery, even legit legal items its rare to get something sent by special next day delivery, it costs a lot more so if I buy something online its usually 2nd class delivery, the dark net getting bigger is going to cause more problems for everybody, won't be long before they bring in unemployed people to sift through mail to get their social security, that or prisoners or people doing community service rather than going to prison doing all the sifting, saying that the unemployed having to do full time work to get social security payments are not going to be conscientious workers and wouldn't probably care and just turn a blind eye to half the mail passing through their hands, getting grim out there, the so called opioid crisis doesn't help.
Goodness me, thanks for your advice hoping all of our UK counterparts are safe and well. <3
Hello. I thnk that this is the investigation that is not by police.
Or it was maybe the strikes and walkout from work that happen at this time and the person was confused about this rumour.

I get only 1 letter in the mail this month from a local place nothing else. I have not been seeing the postman at all. Other neighbors are also been saying that they didn't get much mail so maybe this is the rumour like the game telephone where u whisper to one person and they keep whispering to the next and then it is different to how it was said by the first person Smile

I been waiting a long time for the packet and no letters from anyone so I am hoping the mail go to work again soon.
Just change the url back to http to use. k?
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
OK Charon. I will do this. Sorry I was not knowing this about links on this site. It will be so in the future Smile

It is good to be silent and for security.

Charon. When I am changing the other post with links it will not edit but makes a new post instead. I am sorry for the trouble. Now I know, it was not in the rules to be reading about hiding links. I will do better next time for this to be safe.

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