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Be Warned!!
Just received this from a very very reliable vendor

‼️‼️‼️Just been informed of this‼️‼️‼️

From the 12th August to 12th September exactly one month duration there is a big investigation going on within royal mail. They will be allowing the police inside behind the scenes to check and scan parcels. Especially special deliveries due to there high value.
It is a clamp down because of people using this service to send drugs and weapons through post.

I have been giving this info off my suppliers and been told it is correct from a friend who has worked for royal mail for 25 years.

Sorry I've posted this in the wrong forum it should be in the UK one can it be moved?
Interesting. They can't open without a warrant can they? But I suppose "scan" might involve new technology (or our old friend the x-ray?). Doubt this will make national news, but might see hints of this in local news for the big cities.

I can only hope their emphasis is on weapons (which are presumably easier to "scan"). Would be happy with fewer of those on the streets. I've seen too many in the last year.
does Royal Mail fall under the same rules as US mail? I'm speaking of needing a warrant to be opened!
(08-05-2017, 07:59 PM)Runabout Wrote: does Royal Mail fall under the same rules as US mail?  I'm speaking of needing a warrant to be opened!

I think they are similar processes, but obviously different laws for different countries.

The relevant law is in The Postal Services Act 2000 (check subsection 106). I understood it to mean that in normal circumstances HMRC (Border Force) can, and do, open some mail when it enters the country (hence the love letters). But they are the only ones who have that power automatically. In a sense this mostly isn't an issue for police since when they have a choice whether an operation is HMRC led or police led, they tend to go with the former because of the greater powers. I guess the issue raised by the OP suggests this isn't just border checks, but within mail centres, thus focusing on domestic post. It shouldn't affect me, but I'm interested from a civil liberties perspective.

I'm no legal expert so if anyone thinks part of what I've posted please jump in - I won't be offended and would prefer the correct information available!
Have read similar on another forum,going off another post it didn't mention dates though,the person who posted on the other forum being friends with a postal worker claims the op they had has now finished,maybe just for that particular postal centre/sorting office it had finished and they might then be starting the op at another sorting office perhaps?
Maybe going to different places and doing the checks within those dates?

all of this type of thing is it seems happening more often recently,don't know if its linked to those dark web markets getting taken down,just seems to be getting damn harder to do what we do,I'm not wanting to get what I need to use rec,I just want a bit better quality of life as do most who use a forum like this and others,sad times we are having to deal with.
They did this quite recently, in fact they do it all the time.

Here is a quote from one of the post office busts:

"The police confirmed there have been no arrests as action cannot be taken against the people the d***s were addressed to, because they have not committed an offence until they receive it"
until they receive it...

which puts us all on heightened alert. some countries and some vendors will deliberately do controlled deliveries and therein they GOT U.

we have seen the start of it here with packages being intercepted and the USPS sends out a criminal liability LL.

it is the worst i have seen it in 25 yrs. real life and online.

So, i am not looking forward to what happens next. (With my payment method, i have but two choices. One is still unpredictable. He is working on it. But, not very well as he is keeping the GIANt STOREFRONT open. Which is where the one's whom turn him in all come from. argh.

I hate to even read at forums now. It sux.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Yeah it's not good, at all.
Hopefully it blows over Charon...eventually.

Everyone needs to stay safe, you need to think twice about what you're doing then think two more times after that.

Vendors, shoppers, everyone.
This game is hard, but, I believe this may be temporary.
It'll go back to business as usual, with its usual risks, eventually (touch wood, fingers crossed)
fingers crossed. I am in agreement with you, IS. Let us hope it gets better. Even our newly elected Pres said he wont' declare a war on med usage yet. That could help those of us whom are chronically ill, chronically anxious and what have you.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Sunglassesron thanks for letting people know just noticed it now.Its obvious whats the target goal here, but little fish to get mixed into crap from time to time to be made example of so having guard up is reason to never forget what ride we are in.

Charon i like what you said in another post, about times changing since a lot has happened in last couple years, hell all decade been roller-coaster down and times are changing where it becomes that much harder for every day joe to go around its business, when it seems chunks are being carved out from all sides and everything changing more rapidly that we are adapting daily now,and nothing if for certain.

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