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(08-03-2017, 06:28 PM)Charon Wrote: Well, we must assume that the people whom will fall for this, potentially, are below fifty posts.

So, I placed it in Welcome thread which all can see.  In a private area or two.  In scam forums area.  And, i shall place warning in Blacklist cuz new persons can see that also.

Thank u kristof.  P.S.  Give me a hint where important threads are!   I don't recall coming across that topic.
Good catch Charon. Based on the threads listed above where warning information will be posted, I think you will inform the majority of the membership of this threat.

Well Done
Black Bird
OK! It is good to know this. Thankyou.
Wow, this is crazy! that popular people are trying to steal usernames to log in and access. Could be some people already ia member or have been a disgruntled one from the forum. I would imagine some sort of revenge maybe?

Who knows, either way most people with high level access aren't going to fall for that kinda bs. Everyone else just be careful.. check your URL always, then check again!
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Thanks for info
Thank You Charon.
Thank you for the warning Charon.  Being a newbie I may have fell for it!
ur welcome, all. sorry did not see this till now. tad bit hectic round here and in my life. good hectic i reckon!
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Thank you as always for the warning Charron, you are the best.
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Thanks, nothing like that has happened to me. Then again I automatically delete almost all junk mail.
Are we thinking of changing the site to an HTTPS all we need to do, bind to port 443, the address, Create a CSR to request certificate, When doing the 443 bind choose the new certificate, viddimg ant issues it is very easy.

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