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Tramadol Cold Turkey
Good advice from Fire on doing other stuff. Being seen to be active rather than "just" the recipient of pain meds certainly won't do any harm.

Yellowdog - thanks for the report on coming off tramadol. It really helps to know what I might be dealing with - as much as anything there are times in the year where I might be better able to cope with that, etc. All the other medications you have mentioned make sense in that context.

Doctors that leave patients to fend for themselves are evil. I have had very strong conversations with doctors I have known for many years, being honest and sometimes the doctor is just not knowledgeable. Or they are afraid of certain drugs and what it might mean to their practice. Always stick up for yourself no matter what position you are in.
I'd look for another doctor, if I were you. I was straight up with my PCP when he asked me about pain management. I told him I was ordering the tramadol online and he wrote me a prescription. Of course, I only told him 100 mg/day, but even that was very nice of him. I've never heard of any doctor tearing up a prescription.....this is just odd....unreal.

Anyway, going from 400 mg to nothing is dangerous! Do a slow taper, yes 10% reduction per week is a good rate. Take Tylenol for breakthrough pain....I take the one with little codeine....if it become unmanageable simply go to the ER or call PlushCare and say you ran out of PK and need a week's worth. Good luck!
Plush care? looked it up. From what i read, if u have a written script for PK or benzo, u may get a script for emergency. it is mostly antibiotics and blood pressure meds, and they are big on STD testing.

They must do a video call after getting all ur info, in certain states. Each state and area i imagine has differing policies.

But, video calling was not held to be sufficient to constitute a face to face in prior years. Interesting.
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