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Red devil alprazolam
(07-21-2017, 09:49 PM)cmdline Wrote: think there was/is 3mg long release xans but could be wrong,that said stuff sounds dodgy as hell whoever would make it better know chemistry since at such level few mg difference when pressing could prove lethal to someone unexperienced and many who take higher dosages spread em out over days course,since even seasoned person if it was legit alp would be put to sleep at instant 5mg punch,i know on DW markets there are plotters and home pressed xans for 2.5-3mgs still wouldnt trust person mixing it or selling,since its to easy to cut xanax and use half of smth else in it.

You know what  scares me is   possibly getting homemade tabs with a substitute active ingredient, we are hearing so much about f from China I really worry someone might go into business pressing tabs somewhere, I have no interest in anything not made with a professional pharma on premises and sold to the general public somewhere.
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Isn't this pretty much what is happening with painkillers at the mo or have I got that wrong?
I agree with both of you. I am afraid of pressed medication and yes sunglasses pressed pk's are 'in style' to the max right now. Luckily my med of choice are benzos.
I've never bought off the darknet but there appears to be many hard to source products available. I don't think it's to much different a part from BTC
Its just knowing which sites to use now on DN with all the recent goings on with sites being taken over by LE recently,then trying to buy bitcoin,believe the price went up by 25% after the take down of a couple of well known sites.If you have no photo ID and have to buy from other people rather than a btc site it can get quite costly.
I think your more likely to get fakes on the clear net I know a number of people who would agree with me too. I don't think it matters where you go you'll always get fake meds and let's be honest virtually every bar going these days is counterfeit but people will happily sollow them
None of our trusted vendors sell "fake" meds....period.
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I'm pretty sure they're made in a lab they look well made anyway. There appears to be alot of overdosed alprazolam you g about at the moment
I would advise you to not mention his name. We don't want forum wars. Or, to give attention to people whom we don't know or trust as you do.
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Thank you. BTW, it is five posts per day. You have gone over your limit again. Until u get ur first fifty in.
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