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Keta for Alcoholics
Recently watched a documentary on Netflix (I Believe) about using ketam1ne for alcoholics.  They got a guy that was drinking every day down to about 4 drinks within 1 month of therapy, I forgot what they called it.  Something to do with sort of reprogramming your brain.  Seems crazy because of the physical aspect.. seizures and such.  Anyone ever heard of this or know anything about it.  I've been hearing a lot about this.. just an interesting topic.
hmm I'd be interested to hear more about this. I've never heard of such a thing, but I'm sure there would be more info on it somewhere! perhaps I'll do some netflix browsing!
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Just read a little about this : Crucially, ketamine can disrupt the formation of memories, and scientists believe that this property could be harnessed to over-write the memories that drive addiction and harmful patterns of behaviour.

“Memories that you form can be hijacked by drugs in some people,” said Das. “If you were an alcoholic you might have a strong memory of being in a certain place and wanting to drink. Those memories get continuously triggered by things in the environment that you can’t avoid.”

There is increasing evidence, however, that memories are less stable than once assumed and may be open to manipulation.

Each time our brain accesses a memory, the neural connections that encode it are temporarily destabilised, meaning that our recollection can be slightly altered before it goes back into storage. This is one reason why, in everyday life, people can recall wildly different versions of the same events.

In the clinic, scientists believe this short period of instability, represents a window of opportunity. Ketamine blocks a brain receptor called NMDA, which is required for the formation of memories. So the logic is that giving someone the drug just as a memory has been destabilised could help weaken the memory, or even erase it."

Makes a lot of sense now that I think about it.
I've read recently about Ketamine infusion therapy clinics opening up around the country for treatment for depression. The drug is a powerful antidepressant in my experience.
Ive seen a documentary about its use in therapy for depression. Would be interesting to see how it affects someones alcohol consumption
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I have been looking into this for a treatment for depression. If I decide to go ahead with it I’ll let you guys know I know it’s a total of six treatments over at 2 to 3 weekperiod And then booster treatments once a month , has pretty good reviews.
It caused depression in me but I was slamming 150mg each butt cheek
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