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Google will print every question on meds u ask
duckduckgo is a safer search engine.

When we went public a year or so ago, a member asked: Where can i get xxxxsensitive medicine...?

And, son of a gun, if one looked at g00gle right then, her post was up as the first answer in g00gle.

So, we talk in cryptic speech. Aim for fifty posts and then u can PM me or any member.

Secondly, at bottom left on home page is the contact me info. The letters are forwarded to me. The response will be from me. I identify whom i am in subject line as it is a private account I use.

Thirdly, whereas g00gle can be used to look up hiking boots or such, google is known for reading one's gmail accounts with them. They will turn in people to law enforcement. But, as far as we know, it was because the gmail account user was seeking prey. He was a pedophile. Sounds good in that instance, but in reality, really nothing is private online.

We have threads on it. A VPN will protect you to some degree. But, in the thread, u will see the wise suggesting one needs a router in addition to say their verizon router. It adds an additional level of security. But i could have read it whilst studying same.

Fourthly: we give people time to adapt to our rules. I am mocked as second chance charon. But, our rules are what we have learned, some of us over a very lengthy period of time, are in place to keep members safe, vendors safe and our forum. I run forums as a ministry before the God I serve and every person put in my path, I shall have to answer to God as to how I treated them. Whether I helped them when in need. So, I won't be big on banning you cuz u posted in the wrong area. Or u made seven posts and not five a day until u reach fifty and we know u.

We protect all of you as best we can. But, the times are incredibly tough. In real life and online. So, make sure u read at least ten pages of a vendors thread.

But, If'n I were a male, I would not use g00gle to search for ED meds. They admit that they also target what sites u go to, and what u search for. And, i imagine they sell that info for money cuz a bunch of ads will show up for ED meds in about an hour after u search.

I would and do use google to search, say a VPN, but, as one can pay to be the first fifteen results on google searches, I am rather suspicious of the first answers I would get.

Duckduckgo is a superior search engine. And many use secure email accounts. But, again, front page, bottom left, contact us if u have further questions that u cannot find by reading online.

Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Thank you all, this is great information... I never would have known.
duckduckgo as your default search engine, the latest version of Tails if you are Linux proficient, one of the ten best VPNs listed on deepdotweb, a free MAC address changing tool, and a cheap laptop running Lubuntu Linux and configured as your DMZ server. There's a lot more that can be done, but the above will keep you 99% safe online.
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I recommend startpage to duckduckgo. That is not for efficiency but for privacy.
Start page, DuckDuckGo , vpm and a isp leak blocker should be good enough for our current knowledge . Of course they way ahead of us but it’s the best I know of. Be safe, speak in riddles and keep eating quality food!
Peace !!
El unknown Rangerino!
I’ve been using DuckDuckGo for awhile anytime I am searching anything that may be questionable. Not sure that anyone cares what I’m looking up but better safe than sorry.
Just a reminder when every you get a package make sure nothing looks strange. Never invite anyone strange in. Be careful in general. I am sure everyone does this already

Regards Eddie
Another one I recommend if privacy is what you want is Ixquick. This one and the duck does not store your searches based on your ip.

For more privacy, searching through several proxies one after another is a good habit at the cost of connection speed.

I hope the situation gets better, it's a shame how anonymous rights are continuously being broken these days.

Be safe
This is so fuckin scary. not sure if people were aware but google is one of the main trace your ancestors/ give us your DNA.That test also tells you if you are likely to have heart issues, so you will get lots of ads which is nothing new.
But for some people Google has their DNA as well as all the saved info, that freaks me out.
I aint sending anyone my DNA, esp the nosey intrusive g00gle, seen the ads on tv, send us your dna and find your relatives, always found that highly suspicious, g00gle are not to be trusted.Us duck search engine for anything you dont want a record of,use g00gle for anything you dont mind them having a record of, like maybe answers to techy stuff.

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