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Amazed by what Neurologist advised me....
This is a very interesting thread to me as I am dealing with nerve pain and not having much luck finding someone who knows what the hell they are doing.

Thank You
I have found that it has been difficult finding a neurologist that just deals with nerves. Most also deal with head, spinal issues also.
Dancing Wolfe, I hope you are ok with me taking your thread to a more general discussion via this post. I feel bad because I know none of what I am sharing below will help with your pain.  My experience is nerve pain from structural problems, so different than yours.  

For now, most of my nerve pain is triggered by muscles getting tight due to my 27 year old c5-c6 fusion.  (Has it really been 27 years? Maybe my math is wrong.)

Anyway, my PM doctor whom I have only met with once in the 1 1/2 years I have been a patient, strongly suggested that I see a specific osteopath.  I saw the osteopath about 5 times.  His technique was to firmly pull my muscles and my skeleton back to where it should be.   Like a very structured stretch. I was always super sore after the for a day or two but I got months of pain relief.  

The osteopath also gave me a shot of Lidocaine to ease pain on the top & back on my shoulder.  Worked really well.  Too bad it only lasts a couple of hours, a day at the most.  Just a tease to be honest.  

I have also had much luck with my chiropractor a woman, who is so gentle and smart about my bones/structure/spine.  First saw her for hip pain that was so bad I could barely lift my leg enough to put on pants.  It was sciatica x 10!  Lasted 8 months. DH convinced me to go to his chiro.  I did and told her NOT TO TOUCH MY NECK.  It's fused and I MOST careful.  

So she fixed my hip pain almost right away.  I was so amazed as being a chronic pain patient, I am not used to pain going away.  I saw her for six months and we started talking about my head and neck pain.  She asked to feel my neck.  She told me which vertebra were out of alignment and told me what symptoms I was having.  Amazing.  I allowed her to use an activator (little pop-out hammer thing) on my neck.  It was most gently and helped me a lot.  

100% -- many osteopaths and chiropractic are not very good, and their inexperience can end up hurting one more.  Also these treatments will do no good for certain conditions.  By conditions, I guess I mean diseases.  

But for those of us who are structurally challenged, these treatments can help.  Hard part is finding some one good.  

Coming back to more on-topic, hard to find good doctors, practitioners.
I feel bad coz my post was so OT.

Do you guys think I should get it moved to my PM thread in Sr. Section?
Agreeing in prayer with you, Dancing Wolf. For many years I felt that MMJ was a God given medicine.

Your doctor is smart. And, honest.

Oils and edibles. They can help one get through horrific pain and trauma to one's body.

Unfortunately, still sch one and not looking good in our country for approval of this now. Two yrs ago, NY was all happy that they were gonna make it legal. I believe for medical conditions mostly. Our Governor edited the bill before he signed it into law. Now, I hear some illnesses can receive it, but one must pay 8000$ for three months of treatment.

We need it legal. I also believe it was given to us for our health.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

since young I always thought there had to be something God-given in this plant...

it has over 250 "ingredients" in it that are not found anywhere else in any other plant in the world

why would this be?  unless it had a Special Purpose - to help us

from ancient times it was used in the East, even by the Emperor of China, for various ails

it was listed and used in the USA Pharmacopeia until 1940 for medicinal purposes

Now USA puts a patent on 'non-medicinal' plant "with no medical uses" - why?  cuz it's definitely medicinal and they want in

I read a financial article today urging people to invest now because the mmj market is going to zoom next few years

not that much research has been done so far, but it shows mmj has amazing potential in several areas of illness/disease
serious diseases including cancer, parkinson's, etc.

but govt propaganda convinced generations before us it is a "gateway" and even dangerous of itself
we must fight for our right to God-given natural treatment

many meds are in plants and effective, not much harm, in natural form - it's when men toy with it, change it... we have a problem

Ex.  aspirin tea from willow bark compared to concentrated tablets/powder than can damage GI system, ulcers etc
Ex.  South Am natives chewing leaves with cocaine which helped boost their energy in mountains and quiet hunger pangs
but educated men changed to powder and the problems began.
just one example

apologize for my lack of capitals but hands are very painful tonight and i'm not in a good place myselfanyway, sitting in dark & quiet room just trying to cocoon for now, only light is computer...  going to curl back up

wrestling with life, guess you'd say

just wanted to put in my 2 cents

have a good evening, friends
"Let your tongue speak what your heart thinks."   --Davy Crockett
I am sorry u feel badly DW. May u be blessed with healing today. Great answer, btw.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Whelp I feel bad now
I read your post yesterday evening Dancing Wolf and did not post anything in return

But better late than never

Dancing Wolf I am truest sorry that u are in a bad place my dear longtime friend
Please accept my thoughts of pleasant and happier times without pain going out to you

I'm so sorry you are in pain

Sincerely ur friend always

Charon , thank you !

 If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.
I have a booklet that is available underground here locally about the uses of mmj or more specifically oil I think as it appears to be mainly cancer related. Apparently it has worked for 60 people so far (I don't know how many have tried the methods).

There are all sorts of attachments so not sure if I can put it up here as I don't know what's in them all at the moment
Wow! A neuro that knows the truth. Thank you for your post and candor. It gives me hope that maybe some medical professionals are seeing the light and concluding that this herb can help people without the adverse risk from pharmaceutical drugs. It isn't for everybody, but those that respond well I find have a better quality of life after adding herb to their regime .
"Man is a universe within himself" Bob Marley

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