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How is the HTTPS coming along?

When is it coming to the forum? Or could we just have our PM's running under HTTPS for now?

I know i've read about it on here somewhere before.  But from what I read and can remember of it, our forum WILL be going with HTTPS at some point, unless the plans are no more...

I occasionly try to bring up this site using HTTPS and it kinda works, it doesnt drop the connection atleast, though it looks more like an archived website - all text based, and generally speaking the links dont work too well as yet, and I assume that it is down to it still being a work in progress? - I can imagine theres a massive work load that has to be done going into brining it upto HTTPS standards!

Although I am using my old(ish) android os(running under a mobile proxy connection), I assume that my connection has no effect on running this particular site under HTTPS - as my connection works just fine with other HTTPS sites.

Anyway, have there been any solid dates planned for it to be up and running, or a planned timeline for HTTPS to be added a bit at a time on here(though tbh i'm not sure that it is even possiable, or plausible to implement HTTPS in that manner? 

Would it be possiable to atleast have our PM's running under a HTTPS connection?

Admin of Steel(I know you already work very hard indeed for us all as it is and im just curious, but especially so about our PM's running under a HTTPS connection.)

Eitherway, Thanks in advance...

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it makes sense to want https as in secure, think factoring cost of certs is one way since admin or owner needs to pay extra for the privilege of ssl.
while im not even close to web design or admin its hard to know is there much work besides few license installs and some basic config,or does whole database has to be re-hauled to implement it.
Im also very concerned with the issue of SSL. I already mentioned it would be very good practice to have it here.

You can have a self-signed certificate, no need for fancy certification authority. The purpose is mainly to encrypt the data, so nobody can sniff the traffic and passwords. I think it should be easy to enable this feature, if the server support it.

Im not an expert in this area, but on most servers it only needs to enable the ssl, optionally disable plain http and provide the certificate. The whole board system need no changes, if im right.
im no expert on web pages either Smile think what you suggest thou wouldnt work,since self signed would apply to closed networks,and say anyone from outside connecting would be getting this https crossed in red line with a possible message do you trust this site etc,which could give a good scare to people,thus asking to permit and accept the cert of the site.

Now could be wrong but having setup few home networks its apparent issue that appears.

I think databases with users are secured with some sort encryption and surely wouldnt be case someone getting plain text user files, but taking security be it cost or experience one step is making sure its not picked up by search engines,since that draws most attention.
Hi fellow techies, I'm having a few tech issues - well more of a glitch really, and I wondered if anyone has experienced the same/similar problems, or if there is a problem on my end..

Pretty simple; I am using the g00gle Ch0me extension, "HTTP5 Everywhere" on our forum - I do get access to this site, but it makes everything on the site look out of place, very basic page layout/front end, text(badly formated) and a few buttons here and there are out of place. It does work, i.e. I can log in and post etc., but it looks like I've clicked on a cached webpage link - you know, a VERY basic version of a stored webpage.

Is it just me and my brow5er setup? As the extension works fine on all over sites I've tried, no issues or difference in formating/changes to css etc., and it does appear to be forcing other sites to use HTTP5 - through port 4 4 3 ? Though it's functional, I'm not sure if it's forcing our site to make the connection through HTTP5, and port 4 4 3? But kinda strange - Thats IF my understanding of how the Chr0m3 extension, "HTTP5 Everywhere" works is correct, then should it not force any given site through that secure port? Or am I getting this all completely wrong?

Would be great if anyone can shed any light on this, or if anyone else is using this, or similar extensions with no issues when using this site...I guess it could be our very own AoS is in the mix, working on making our forum to load by default under HTTP5?(I know there are plans for that...Though that's just a shot in the dark, and it ain't gonna fix it for me anyhoo!)

The only other thing I can think of is that its the dr@yt3k r0uter i'm using, and maybe I have it incorrectly setup. I don't understand it enough yet tbh, I know you can, or maybe even need to make your own self-signed certificates for HTTP5 and port 4 4 3 with my router, could it be I've messed up something there? 

I'm still playing catch up with all this new comms tech; I used to be able to code in 68000 assembler in my sleep! Even had a few well received games released on the wonderful CBM Amiga back in the day...But this interweb thang-dangle, it's a whole load of new jargon for me at this kind of level right now!

switch off extension then try site again think problem is simple site doesnt support https yet your extension tries it best,but if its not on the back end then you cant force it from your side.

as mentioned im not technical but think its obvious that you cant force site to be https when it uses http protocol,given that its forum and not some place you need to enter any sensitive data dont think there should be any fear just because the lack of it.
Thanks cmdline.

Thats all I've done for now anyhow, I just disabled it for this site and everything works fine.

Do not follow where the path may lead, Go instead where there is no path...
And leave a trail... of Love, Laughter and Understanding.
One of the wrong decisions i made in life was to run this forum on MYBB script which has been a nuisance from the beginning. The pattern of HTTPS is to lock and to run compared to HTTP which is simple enough to handle. For every update there are bugs and i need to fix them on daily basis and it takes me weeks doing that. I have been on the forum at the front after months now because the script got corrupt and was sending logs of 100+ emails per day to me and it took me this much time to fix all from the start. To understand the database and to reset it. Anyhow, I shall now focus my attention to HTTPS and shall have it up shortly. Not a big issue though. Its just that finding a good secure SSL costs more than what you expect and low cost SSL Certificates are not worthy of being installed. Anyhow, Will see how that works. Smile
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Thank you for all the info, Admin of steel. Sorry it has been so much work.
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AOS!!  So great to 'see' you.  

Thank you for all of your hard work.

I hope you and yours are doing well.


Fire ;-)
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