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medical canaibus and what happens in my state in 2018
Some information I just found and and personally experienced.  As of 5/26/2017

I live in a state where it is legal, however the taxing component will not be in place until 2 qtr 2018. Let me share with you what will happen. All the medical canaibus dispensaries will go away because they will need to file for a new permit to sell in the new environment. And the new permit along with the new laws will be expensive and most of these places will not be able to stay in business. The restrictions will be tough. What will open is just MJ dispensaries with youngsters selling what ever they have to get the off the shelfs because it has been on the shelfs for awhile. No understanding of the different strains, no understanding of how CBD, CBDA, THC, THCA, effect internal receptors in our body's. No understanding of what to use for anxiety that will not inhibit one during the day so they can work. No understanding of what to use for pain. No understanding of what to use for sleep that doesn't produce an euphoria effect first. Everyone has different pain so with all the products that exist, maybe a CBD/thc patch could work. The point I am making is that for those that need medical marijuana and have a valid card, there are,people that are canibus experts and help one figure out what they need, and how to use it. It is very possible in my state this help will all go away come 2018.  

Most products will be for recreational use in 2018. In my state there are people fighting to keep the medical dispensaries open. It's a brutal fight because not many people understand much about the use of this plant in a medicinal way. They all think people is smoke to get high...period.

Anyone that lives in a state where medical use is ok, I highly suggest finding someone who is a expert and has experience in understanding the medicinal use of the plant. They are life savers. Most don't advertise, you have to find them by word of mouth. But it is worth it if you think the plant can help. Do it before the legal piece comes into play. Trust me, I saw what happened in WA. (Don't live there) but have friends there. It's horrible. At least for those of use that use it for pain. I have tons of more information about the medical use in case anyone is interested, just PM me.

By the way it is legal in my state now but the only way to get it legally is thru a friend or if you have a medical canaibus card you can go to the dispensaries........ but the above is what will happen in 2018 once they get the taxes laws and everything else in place
FYI. This will happen in most states that currently have medical marijuana. Once recreational gets legal, medical goes away because the states make it too expensive for them to operate

In Colorado I know that rec. and mmj coexist. Many stores will have a medical entrance on one side and recreational on the other.

I absolutely agree about the lack of knowledge over the uses of this plant. If you can find one good knowledgeable vendor, then stick with them. Same holds true for particular strains. Consistency is an issue as I've cross checked what the vendor states are the Thc and cbd levels are against what an internet search tells me and the numbers don't always match up.

Finding that perfect balance of thc and cbd for whatever ails you can be challenging.
We have medical in my state. Wish they would go recreational. Our state has the worst budget of ANY state. The tax revenue would sure help getting the money our state needs for education and other important financial needs.

Take MoM over Alcohol any day..

Peace All
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I havr the same thoughts Furryan66. Its ridiculous when you see the kind of tax revenue can be acquired if made medically legal.. Just imagine if it were legal for recreational purposes.
Plus it would be the least complained about tax in
ok, this has gone way too far. it is a schedule one. We esp do not want vendors whom ship within the states.
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The tackles in my state are absolutely ridiculous. I can however make a quick trip across the bridge into WE and get rec medicine for about half the price and of GREAT quality. Best of luck to you and your state.
I'm not big on marijuana but I really want to take short vacation to colorado so I can sight see and check out the dispensaries. Enjoying this herb is so much better without the paranoia of johnny law and whoever else. Plus, I have been told by a million people that colorado is awesome anyway so this in my opinion is the best bang for the vacation buck.
This amazes me, that our country has come so far but yet we are so divided in the decisions period while we are still federally illegal we have certain States more than half for example that allow it to be used recreationally or medicinally. This is a real showing of how a turning of event is occurring in the upcoming Generations. Although I believe the younger Generations including myself are too focused on only legalization and not other key points.

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