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Wonderful wonderful news. I am so happy for you, I can't imagine what challenges you've been through getting to this point, but I'm sure you are proud of yourself. I have a family member who has been on and off of substances, as well as what you were discussing. It has been a struggle for her life. Blessings to you, and peace. I'm very happy for you! Heart Big Grin

I was on methadone for 4 years, I cant imagine what its like being on it for 20 some odd years. YOU my friend are one brave and powerful person for being able to get off of the liquid handcuffs as I like to refer to it as. I know this post,was from April so I hope things are,still going well for you. That is amazing though, I am so happy to hear these kinds of success stories when it comes to methadone.
(04-17-2017, 07:31 AM)bothereddog Wrote: Hi all  soz not been around for a while but fantastic news am methadone free and totally recovered yee ha! Boy it took some doing but I done it! So anyone struggling with other meds please believe me if after over 20 odd yrs of that and i can do that take inspiration cos it dont get much harder than that am back sleeping the lot and towards the end whover mentioned exersize there bang on the money. 1 happy Bothereddog. Smile
Congratulations, nothing better than being free of substance and no more vulnerability. I am currently cold turkeying off 22 mg , should be painful but not excruciating. Been on this for 1.5 years so it's definitely binded tightly to the receptor and will take a while. I am currently using clonidine, and CBD for the withdrawals. Ontop of that all I still have to work. Tried the Thomas recipe but it barely helped.
..when the universe aligns   Blush

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