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I've recently got interested in these, and was wondering if any anyone else in the community has found them useful.

Currently noopept and modafinil are what I'm working with, though I'm about to start an oxiracetam+piracetam+aniracetam+noopept stack ahead of finishing up a diploma I need to get done (trying to wean myself off moda because it's a bit TOO good, if you know what I mean?)

Studying / work are my primary reasons for trying them out, but if they make day-to-day life better then that's a bonus!
I tried phenibut for anxiety. It worked OK, but it left me with a terrible headache the next day. Let us know how your new stack works! I've always been interested in nootropics.
Be careful to avoid serotonin syndrome that could be triggered by the stack that you are contemplating.

Google "serotonin syndrome" and thoroughly understand its implications before you experience it firsthand.

Other than that, YMMV with nootropics. Start off with low expectations and you won't be disappointed.
Thanks for the advice, Lechter. I'm going to try the racetam's individually first to see how I get on with them; no point in jumping in with both feet if I don't need to!
I realised that I never actually updated this! I have been using the stack I mentioned for almost a couple of months now, and it seems to have had both good effects and... weird effects (not bad!; just weird).

During this time I've also been doing research (and self-observation), as a result of which I've decided to cycle out the ani and oxi so I'm only using them as and when needed (ani for relaxing / social stuff, and oxi when I need to get my brain really whirring on a work project).

Anyway, good effects I noticed from the whole stack:

* Work - Less stressful, and a lot easier. It's almost like I'm on auto-pilot... I'm still totally present, but everything just kinda 'flows'.
* Personal life - I've been doing LOTS more reading, particularly of non-fiction. I've also noticed that I've had a greatly reduced inclination for 'non-productive' activities (my Playstation 4 has been gathering dust for a long time now). Also, the general life "to-do" tasks that used to build up are really getting ticked off the list Smile

Weird stuff:
* Time - My days and weeks feel like they're both lasting forever and going very quickly at the same time... It's hard to explain! No memory issues though; if anything that's had improvement.
* Dreaming - This seems to have stopped altogether... Fortunately my sleepwalking has stopped along with it (as far as I know, hahah!)
Thanks Hamil for the information. I could use something to help with my brain. It's as if I have NO short term memory anymore. Also I am so unmotivated.

I do kind of worry about the long term effects of this stuff though. Is there any research on that I wonder?
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Nootropics which are a little better are phenylpiracetam and "ladasten" from russia. They seem to work better than plain piracetam, but the tolerance develops fast. And usually all nootropics cause headaches.
FP - Motivation for me has generally been helped by modafinil the most. Until I started taking that, I had no idea how tired I was all the time because it just seemed normal to me. That and my anti-depressant are my rock; everything else is just a bonus.

As for the others, there's a lot of research out there and so many user experiences. From what I understand, a good choline source (Alpha GPC or citicoline; I take the latter) is a decent memory booster, and helps negates the headaches that Costro mentioned. Anyway, google is your eternal friend, so have a look around and have a good read up on which ones interest you Smile

Costro, I definitely agree with you on the phenyl. I use regular pira as I understand it's one of those "build-up" supplements, and keep phenyl for the rare occasions when I need a proper rocket boost!

Also, the next chapter in my story is going to be Phenibut... stay tuned.
I'm really fascinated with the whole idea of nootropics. I've never actually known anyone to try stacking, but I've done a lot of research always wanting to try certain stacks, but never have. On certain prescription meds, I just feel worse than I'm suppose to, so I wanted to try a more "natural" approach...although, anything can cause issues in excess. I have fatigue all day, adrenal fatigue, brain fatigue, muscle fatigue...which leads to frustration and depression because my expectations are so high for myself...I'm interested in following your journey and your experience. I've wanted to try phenibut in the evening too, heard good things-but do not take in excess!

CDGD, stacks seem pretty popular from what I've seen (and experienced), because the difference combinations may help in different ways (e.g. a stack for general relaxation / anxiety; for social situations; for learning; for focus / motivation).

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