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PTSD and Me
A lot of inspiring stories in this thread. How one processes PTSD over time is so important to healing.
Yes, I agree, coffeedude22, many inspiring people and stories.

I also agree about the processing of the PTSD symptoms. So many different ways to attempt to address causes and symptoms nowadays. Some use art, which sounds hokey, but for some it works. Also, helps for depression, as I'm sure many of you are already aware. Also, writing helps. I know a man who returned from Iraq and had been diagnosed with extreme PTSD. His father told a story of driving with him in the car, son in passenger seat. Son heard some external noises and embedded himself under the dashboard on the passenger's side, and he wouldn't come out. Scared his dad to death (which can also cause PTSD, so dad had to do his own self care ). Eventually, the son self-published a memoir of sorts of his experiences during his tour. He is very improved. Of course, he also had medical/psychological supervision. And lucky enough to have a supportive family. Sweetest dad in the world. But, writing a book doesn't have to be the objective. Glad it worked for him.
Massage and yoga or essentrics or slow movement is helpful for body awareness and where the trauma is spending the day (or year) in your body. I know people who've released a lot of trauma - particularly through tears--not just tension, but trauma by body work. So important to work with folks who deal with and understand trauma. Wishing everyone who deals with that panic and hyperevigilence lots of love and success.
I really like the yoga suggestion. All the doctors I've seen have said meds, Treatment, physical exercise, mindfulness/meditation, etc...but never specifically yoga. I'm going to look into that. Thank you!
Greetings all,

Been a while since I posted trying to get my life back on track. First of all missed you guys and hope all is well with everyone. I see have a hell of a lot of reading to do. I had to take a little break. Went and still going through some pretty intense emotions. Those familiar with my "what a mess" thread well that situation really blew up in my face and had to make an unexpected move a little closer to work but still not to far from my favorite city. I also had an uncle pass away and 2 days after that his daughters 22 year old son passed away from a respiratory condition so my cousin lost her dad and son in 3 days. So just been spending time with the family and calm down.

Way to much going on and really kicked my PTSD into overdrive and really having to push myself to just get through daily activities but getting better.

Anyway I had better start catching up on my reading.

Peace All

"Another Day In This Carnival Of Souls"

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