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Alprazolam IOP's
(07-09-2019, 11:45 AM)sls642 Wrote: Be very careful with this substance. IMO, the most difficult to stop of everything inits class.

So true, yet unfortunately the easiest one to find by far.
(09-19-2018, 05:50 PM)I agree completely. Alps are so hard to quit once you’ve started them Charon Wrote: ok, salty, i see some members whom had answers for u.  but were banned for pretending to be french.  Trolls.

But, one stated:  don't start this f*ing drug.

And, I mean hard core users have stated to others:  once u r on xanax, the withdrawal is so bad, u never go off.

It is a vicious vicious med to wean oneself from.  The doctors actually believed the drug vendors whom come to their offices.  That xanax was not addictive.

And one medical doctor to whom i am related became mighty addicted to xanax. She is ok now but it took yrs to get her better.

I have PTSD and anxiety.  and tremors from MS and lupus.  I was scripted valium ten mg thrice a day at age fifteen cuz the tremors of teenage MS were beginning.  It would take years for me to learn about illnesses and i always studied meds.

I never, or absolutely rarely had to take more than thrice a day.  I can stop on a heartbeat when supplies are low.

I, personally feel it is safer.  But, i shall leave u to other members.

And, u have a welcome thread now salty.  Your comments in a thread by Our Moderator Ice Wizard became your welcome thread.

Good luck.  Make wise choices on this.  Its a very difficult medicine to taper oneself off.
I concur , sometimes personal experiences cannot be extrapolated to other,s physiology

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