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F2F with physician coming up, any suggestions?
So to make a long story short I am meeting with a new doc in a couple days and really would like to be honest but I am scared they will think I am just drug seeking.  I feel like every time I go to a doc "I" am never heard and that when I am honest with what I have been prescribed in the past and what has worked,  they think I am just asking for that. I know I am not a doctor, but I know my body, and the fact that I feel like my brain and body have just been being experimented on for the last couple years with no real results.  I also do not have insurance so every visit is costly and I don't have the time or resources to go through the trial and error process. I have documentation of everything I have been diagnosed with, and all meds I have taken but lIke I said docs just seem to treat with this cookie cutter approach.  Should I be honest or play the game?? ( sorry was kind of a long story/vent)
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I have found be as honest as possible with being demanding. I know sometimes when you know what works it seems like you should just be able go in there and tell the doctor they think that you are going in and acting like they do not know what they are doing or that you are just looking for drugs. Which while I know does not seem fair there just have been so many people doing that it messes it up for everyone else. i would suggest bringing in a pharmacy report so they can see what you have had prescribed. A lot of time if you have had them before they will be more receptive. It is best to be honest as they have heard it all.

Good luck
I'll take a shot at this.

A little background about me: I'm a terrible insomniac and found a medication that really helps me. Doctors are understandably hesitant to prescribe it longterm to a young(ish) woman. I've gone through a few doctors before finding one that will renew my prescription regularly. It's still not enough (he won't prescribe it to be taken every night, so there is time before I can get a refill where I just don't sleep or order from an iop) but it's better than I have ever gotten before. About once a year he calls me in for an appointment to check how I'm doing.

After floundering with the first few doctors, I tried just complete honesty with the one I see now. I told him my problems with insomnia and how it effects my day-to-day life. I told him about the different tactics I've tried to sleep, and how the specific medication in my experience was the only one that really helped me and I felt like it improved my quality of life dramatically. Thankfully his point of view was that the side effects of not sleeping were worse tong term that the medication.

I'm sure most of this depends on the doctor, but if you are upfront with just how disrupting the issue is for your life (pain, anxiety--or whatever it is) I think a doctor is likely to want to fix it.
You all must decide. My older sister was past president of three NYC hospitals. Two women's clinics she created.

She always told me: Only tell doctors on a need to know business.

Both she and I learned that with the new regs coming into NY way back when, that Doctors did not want suggestions from the patient on the med. Nor did they want to hear about online or such.

I used to believe the nice, elderly GP could be most trusted.

But, I do know of many whom added too much truth to their permanent records. And, they never received a normal script again.

So, you have to "feel out" your GP. Some doctors want truth. Some are dipshits and will kick u to the curb, as the state they are licensed in will kick them to the curb if they prescribe too much.

Good luck. May u find favor with your doctor.
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Thank you all for the input. I am going to be honest (for the most part) and see what happens. My appt is tomorrow, I'll let ya'll know how it goes!

Also not sure if it matters or if anyone has any experience with this, but the doctor I am seeing is 36, which is much younger then most docs I have seen in the past. Any opinions on his age? I didn't realize until after I made the appt. But figured being 31 myself, he may be more understanding and current when it comes to certain diagnosis. I guess in the end I've come to realize age, gender, ethnicity, ect, ect may not have a impact and just depends on the individual, but I'd welcome any opinions!
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Charon, That is a good point. As i said bring in your old prescription records but I wold never volunteer information. It is like a bell. Once you ring it it cannot be unrung. Because as you are talking, they are writing and who knows what is in your permanent medical record. There was once a Seinfeld episode about this. Best of luck to you Dentsclyffe

Regards Eddie
Thank you all! This may sound like a ignorant question but what determines the information put into your permanent record and who has access? Is there a file out there that documents every time I have had a doctor's visit? I know there is a database for docs to access prescription history but what you guys are talking about is different?
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Hi Dents,

I do believe that in that same prescription database, one can be flagged as a drug seeker. Kiss of death when it comes to getting legit scripts of any controlled meds.

Don't believe all of our doc appoints, notes, etc... are available online. At least in the US.

Thank you, and that's what I thought, I was doing some online searching and could not find anything regarding a central database for physicians that has any other info other then rx history. I was also looking to see how far it goes back, being as it has been years since I have been on some meds and if military or V.A. doctors are in the same database, but could not find a clear answer.
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So... After my doc visit today I was presently surprised by how well I was treated. I was honest (for the most part) but did leave out my PTSD diagnosis from the military. I told him I was having a hard time concentrating in school and was also diagnosed with social anxiety but the meds (benz) I take now do not help with the concentration problems. He asked what my grades where, and I was a little worried to tell him since I have a 4.0 and am in grad school, but was honest. I told him I feel like it takes me 3 hours to do what most do in 1. He gave me a couple tests and said that although a majority of people with adhd do not do well in school, it is not entirely uncommon for someone that does have adhd to get good grades and because of that they never seek help. He basically then just asked me what I wanted, and told me I could see him for any anxiety issues as well! Like I said before the doc was younger and very easy to talk to. I did have documentation that I was in counseling for issues and med records as well to help verify what I was telling him. Like Cheron suggested I felt him out and told him what was going on for the most part. Probably one of the best visits I have had with a primary care doc....
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