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Has adipex helped you?
Just curious if you feel appidex has helped you lose weight? Is it  worth the plunge?
I prefer phentermine which is available in 15 mg and 30 mg. Adipex, always made me feel tired, so it may just be my body chemistry. YMMV.
If you have high blood pressure or other ailments, you may want to read up on the side effects of both.
Best of luck to you in your journey. Rumor
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Thanks. Personally I have had great success with redotex, also known as the Mexican miracle pill. It's banned in the USA. I have a source for it, but it's very expensive. Looking for a cheaper alternative or the same product at a cheaper cost
I had good results with Phent (generic) in 2010. I lost about 45 lbs and tons of inches. In combination of course with salads and water and exercise. Best of luck to you!!
As a few others have mentioned here, I too, prefer Phentermine. It's the only weight loss medication that provides loss of appetite, great energy, and gives me the motivation to work out! I recently tried Duromine, and it works for taking away my appetite, but it didn't provide the energy that I so desperately need.  Sad
My girlfriend takes phentermine and it seems to help her. No side effects and it suppresses her appetite well. I'd recommend giving it a try.
Bad stuff. Heart racing and high BP. Almost no effects on appetite. Genuine product.

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