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Seroquel vs Alprazolam for sleep
not at the time it occurred, my friend, i bet.

although i was putting a former music star thru rehab. while he practiced the new album to record, i drew murals on the walls. damn step stool collapsed on me. bit of a break in my leg. a VS boot was my cast. We Irish are stubborn.

But, I got meds from an SY. and I fell asleep on a brand new mattress. With a chocolate donut on my lap. Then on the bed.

So, i feel some of ur pain lunar. No one will ever believe tis a donut that messed that mattress. I guess i should stick to M&Ms that melt in ur mouth, allegedly, and not in ur hand.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
M&M's are a pro move, contain the mess.
(05-15-2017, 08:27 AM)andybones Wrote: 200mg each night for me. Works wonderful. I usually cut it in half to 100mg and take the other if I wake up in middle of the night.
My Dr. did at one point have me on Xanax during the day and Seroquel at bedtime.
Unfortunately I'd have an easier time getting buprenorphine than benzos, Sighh
But not wanting to derail the topic.

What class of medication is Seroquel? I am a horrible insomniac and I have not heard of this?

(04-05-2017, 09:39 PM)mr nobody Wrote: Many will prescribe seroquel or tri-cyclic antidepressants for sleep.  For some this practice works and others suffer side-effects. I think this is out of fear of benzos that is common these days.

For myself and others with sleep/anxiety issues the z-drugs (or ambien) work for a while then become less effective or you get the "zombie effect". Have found relief with longer acting benzos (ativan-valium etc). Xanax will work but has a shorter half-life.

I would also think that Librium would work for this as well but have no personal experience.
I recall Librium being used by my mom some 40+ years ago, is it still around? I have not seen it anywhere and I haven't heard of anyone having it prescribed
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A quick g00gle will show you Seroquel...

And Yep, Librium is still used in Alcohol withdrawal - amongst others is just another benzo, yes an older one though...

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I've had Lirbrium a number of times and it's just never done anything for me in the slightest
(07-23-2017, 11:04 AM)Sunglassesron Wrote: I've had Lirbrium a number of times and it's just never done anything for me in the slightest

I had librium one time many years ago and although its a very mild benzo I would absolutely get some if I could find it.
I've seen doctors prescribe 6.25mg of seroquel for patients that are delirious to calm them down. In my exp it kinda works but chopping a tiny pill into quarters it ridiculous. I've seen melatonin used for sleep and it seems to work. Hopefully a sensible gp can prescribe this as an alt to alpraz. But I'm not to sure of the long term effects of melatonin
Seroquel will absolutely knock out. It's instantaneous. True: I have fallen asleep with a glass of Snapple in my hand but if I wake up - I end up pouring the snapple all over me and the bed. What kills me is that I had slept for HOURs perfectly holding that glass upright. Weird.
Ughh I had a terrible reaction to serequel.

apparently in uk prisons it is the only anti psych that can get sold.

I HATE the stuff
It seems like Ambien or some other bzo would work better. Alps probably help you get to sleep, but are short acting. Maybe a longer acting one like clons would work for you.

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