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(11-04-2017, 02:15 PM)barq- Wrote: Part of me wants to say Dr Jessen would turn up to the opening of an envelope. ;-) But I'm dubious he'd lend his name to an online pharmacy. It'd be a lot of risk for him, for how much return...?  In terms of UK doctor/pharmacy relationships, it doesn't quite add up.

That said, having emergency options that delivery quickly are always useful.

Haha yeah, it is quite an occasion the opening of an envelope! Perhaps he would be the one packing them so you would see his signature on the prescription Smile. I agree with you, he probably doesn't even know that they are touting to know him. Probably just a marketing scheme but it doesn't really matter since their service is great nonetheless. Or perhaps he gets a healthy % of the profits? Of which there would be much considering the prices.
A pity they don't ship outside the Uk they have very interesting meds, prices don't seem to me too much disproportionate either
Maldita, I would agree with you on everything apart from the shipping time, if you order in the morning then you usually can get next day delivery.

I think the reason these guys (and many other UK pharmacies) don't ship outside the UK is due to legislation, that in the UK a prescription can be offered through online consultation (to UK patients only). The government seems to be cracking down on this hence why many UK sites are not selling certain medications anymore.

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