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Wondering if anyone has any experience with this place and if they ship to the US?

When you create an account they give a US option in address section. Maybe that's a good sign?
sounds like a good sign. but, if someone has time, check our blacklist to make sure its not in there.

Good to see u again. Hope u had wonderful holidays.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Just checked Blacklist area . . . no sign of this site. I tried registering but couldn't get past the 'please enter a valid UK mobile number' part.

Looks like a good place though and the prices look accurate.
Oh thank u mr chuckey. we can only hope.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I took the plunge and tried placing an order. Couldn't give me shipping calculations because of US address. I've hunted online for reviews and I'm getting mixed ones. So difficult to sort out. I'll await to see if they respond to my email and keep this thread updated.
The website says they do not ship to the US.
Bobaloo, you are correct. The FAQ section states they do not ship to US.

EL085, I wonder if they'll just reject your order? Please do keep us posted as they carry some pretty hard to find meds that people here need.
I heard back from them via the email I sent and no they do not ship to US Sad
Oh well. It was worth a shot Smile
I know them. Until one year ago they were good, no scam behind them . They ship to most EU I had no clue if they ever shipped to US since I had no feedback from them. They seem to target international but they have no US shipping service due to customs issues. If I remember well I had some flawless orders with them.
The bad news is they inform me at the end they ship only to UK and british islands. No EU shipping at all. Only UK to a valid UK address. They changed their service from EU to UK only . Bad luck I guess. It is a pity cuz the had actavis DHC that I like most.

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