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Energy/ADD like supplements or meds
(02-08-2017, 08:35 PM)Costro77 Wrote: The problem is, I think, the body has limited energy supply. And with any stims you are draining your levels lower and lower. And without sufficient rest, exhaustion comes in a while. Stimulants are not a sustainable way of living with fatigue

This is a great way to explain what seems to be a cycle when taking stimulants over long periods of time. Initially, you get loads of energy and focus, then after a month or so, you feel as though it's losing it's effect. Unfortunately, it becomes a catch-22 type of situation. But, what can you do when you feel as though any bit of relief is better than no relief at all?!  Sad Personally, my belief, is that in an effort to not build up a tolerance to any one stimulant, it does help to try different versions and dosages. Lastly, oftentimes, a combination of said medications can help you reach that "sweet spot."  Tongue As you've stated, though, proper rest is the most important thing when taking stimulants, which almost seems like an oxymoron. Hence, the catch-22 thing.
Well my experiance with ADD meds are they calm me down/ focus me, that is why a lot of people with ADD get hooked on the Big C, and if you truely have ADD that will be the only thing it does. Most Psychiatrists I have spoken to have no damn clue as to what the actual intent is. I have inappropriate tachycardia if I take 20 mg Ritalin it does nothing to my heartrate. Yes I am on a betablocker but in time a driving force will raise your heartrate if you are not ADD. My resting rate is in the 70's, not on a betablocker 120- 130's with excercise it will go up in the low 100's.
I've been a big fan of Strattera (Atomoxetine), which is a non-stimulant alternative for ADD/ADHD. Sometimes I do a lower does of Modofinal and a lower does of Strattera. The two work well together.
I have been prescribed to adderall for years and phenylpiracitam works excellent for me...unfortunately, tolerance builds up relatively quickly and you should not take it every day. Not sure if that helps with your fatigue problems or not.
I could really use something along these lines. If I get poky during the day I fall behind right away...and there are weeks these days where I get poky a lot. Always playing catch up...and when that happens I have trouble focusing. I jump from task to task till I just have to walk away from the desk for a while.

Does this make sense? I've always wondered what something like adderall would do but I don't know if I want to start something like that.

If you have a good alternative I'd appreciate a PM with some suggestions. Thanks!
LILI have you found anything. I have experimented with trying to potentiate the effects of ADD with different research chems. If you find something that works PM me. It sound like we are in a similar situation.

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