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Additional metabolism boosters while on hcg
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Hello everyone, I am currently doing hcg via a local clinic. I have done a couple rounds in the past. (Weight loss not pct as used by bodybuilders).  I was wondering if anyone had any experience or knowledge of any kind of fat burners or metabolism boosters while on hcg, such as T3, clen, ephedra etc.
HCG protocol is a real thing. I have heard it works wonders. No idea on combining except for maybe Phentermine. Good luck!
The hcg diet is a waste of money. The reason the hcg diet works is due to the extreme caloric restriction. Hcg is a leutinizing hormone mimetic this is why it is used during a cycle of PEDs. Using hcg during pct is the wrong time due to the negative feedback loop. Leutinizing hormone helps the testicle to being producing testosterone and sperm again. It also helps women with fertility, im not sure of the reason as I have never needed it for this reason. Hcg is present in small amounts early on during pregnancy, it what pregnancy tests test for. This is more than likely why it is used as a female fertility drug.

If you need to lose some weight I could help you for free. If you do the research there are no good medical studies that support hcg for weight loss. Theres some junk science out there pushed by these clinics and Internet sites, but nor real god studies publised in reputable medical journals.

Tried to edit my post but to late. If your a male the amounts of hcg most of these protocols call for can cause you to have low testosterone. To much hcg can cause HPTA shutdown via the same negative feedback loop that exogenous testosterone will.
Hi jstone,

You sound like you know your stuff. What's HPTA shutdown?

(07-15-2017, 01:29 PM)FirePlaces Wrote: Hi jstone,

You sound like you know your stuff.  What's HPTA shutdown?


For men there HPTA (hypothalmus pituitary testicular axis) is the system that produces hormones such as leutinizing hormone, gonadotropin releasing hormone, follicle stimulating hormome, testosterone, and also produces sperm. HPTA shutdown means your body isn't producng these hormones or just some of them.

Al three of these systems send signals back and forth telling the body to produce these hormones. When you introduce exogenous (from outside the body) hormones these systems send a signal saying we have enough of said hormone, and they signal the body to stop producing them.

Hcg is a leutinizing hormone mimetic, leutinizing hormone is responsible for testosterone production. So when the body sees the exogenous leutinizing hormone and the extra testosterone it is creating it signals the body to stop producing testosterone. 

Im running lat for work and this is a very simple explanation. I didnt have time to go over how leutinizing hormone signals the production of test but can go deeper later. Painkillers caused me to have OIAD (opioid induced androgen ddeficiency). I no longer produce testosterone like a normal man and must take exogenous testosterone the rest of my life. Thats the main reason im here.

Any of you out there who are men that have been using these meds for chronic pain, and you just dont feel like your old self. You probably have low testosterone. Which is easily fixed, and when it is you feel great.
7-keto DHEA, fenugreek.. pct stuff if used with no cycle, I would imagine might help a little (including another 1 or 2 supplements). I'm not too familiar with this field but have many friends that are.
"It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease than what sort of a disease a patient has."  -William Olser
There's something called the ECA stack. I tried that at one point and it did give me some energy during keto dieting. It's not as strong as clen or tren, but I have not tried any of those myself. ECA is used for more towards a weight loss objective, rather than muscle gain. However, like any stimulant stack, there's always the adjustment phase, maintenance, tapering, etc.... There's sites out there and the stuff is usually over the counter.
I'm curious, Are you male or female and what fat percentage do you want to go down to? and for what purpose?
are you a body builder?

I personally thinks those meds are to hard on your body ESP if you are female.
L-cartinine usually works well for boosting metabolism

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