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Tapering Going Well, Take it slow!
(10-14-2017, 03:18 AM)fishfarmer Wrote: A final note in this chapter of my life, and I Thank You all for your support!!! Today for the first time in years I forgot to take my 1mg of Clonazepam and guess what, everything was fine! I think a lot of daily users of benzos would be surprised that they really do not need them all the time. I like too keep them around as a safety blanket, but plan on using only when absolutely needed. New Fish Farm is great and life is good! End of Thread! You are a great bunch of people!!! Bless You All-FF

I am so happy to hear this. Gives me hope. I basically need benzos to live at this point. Especially to sleep. I'm so happy you were able to taper off.
Great advice, the most important thing is taking it down slowly. Depending on your current dosage, it could take a long time but it’s worth not suffering as much. The end result will be having the ability to sleep again without benzos. Also, my doctor says, and I believe him, that benzos actually create more anxiety when taken long term. Imagine the stress of not being able to get them, always increasing your dose , ect. However they do have a place because certain people have sever anxiety and I have tried all the other non benzos medications to no avail.
That is awesome; tapering off benzos is really, really tough.  I agree with pretty much everyone else; slow and steady wins the race Wink.  There are plenty of other things too that help with anxiety and sleep than just benzos.  I know your original post was a while ago, so I hope all worked out for you!
"You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” - Dr. MLK Jr.
maeve, Hi! Just said hello to you last night on the welcome section. I have not kicked the benzos yet but don't take 50mg Valium and drink beer every night like I used to. It has been an up and down battle for me to be honest. Wish I could get back to " Use only as needed" but such is life, have a Great Weekend-FF
Love to hear the success stories as I have begun a taper from a nightly diclazepam regimen recently... I can't wait to fall asleep naturally once again! Smile
I wish mine was a success story schmok, and it is to some degree as for about 4 months I was down to 1mg clonaz a day, but at the new farm my responsibilities are growing, and so is the anxiety. When I first got there it was so great and the people so kind I even forgot to take clonaz and everything was fine. Fell for those with GAD as my anxiety is triggered by my surroundings and work environment. Best Wishes-FF

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