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How to post videos?
Ok, I've been trying this on and off all day. How can I post a youtube video? Not just the link?
i hit new reply. there is a wee video icon.

it is on second row. There is a Bold Icon to far left. Toward the right side of line two, rite to the left of a smiley face, is insert a video icon. Click that. It drops down. One choooses youtube.

Then, one has copied the URL of the youtube video. Paste it into http line two in drop down menu. But, i have to delete the extra nonsense.

the movie the Ref shows as: http://

so, using the drop down menu, line two, where it asks for video URL, u paste it there. But u must go in and edit it so that it will work.

It should look like: when u r done.

I preview it first to make sure it worked.

Does that help?
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I use:::

([you gotta open and close the url= [ ])

url=then paste the url here and ]Put in what the vid is called here[/url]

and it'll look like this

Put the vid is called here

I left the first one with the first bracket open so as not to make it a hot link Smile

I've noticed when using that "button" thingy,. It'll put an extra http:// and then when you copy/paste the https:// the link won't work ...

Just sayin....

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i know. i just delete a few characters outta the URL in the drop down.

But, AH, listen to Ice. He is wise. Thank u Ice.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
(11-24-2016, 09:53 PM)Audrey Hepburn Wrote: Ok, I've been trying this on and off all day. How can I post a youtube video? Not just the link?

I sent you a PM Audrey

If it is an easy follow and it works for you..

I will post them in this thread but let me do it please as I have a couple tweaks to do on them

 If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.
Linville, could you please send me the info you sent to Audrey, i too would like to know how to do this and i can never seem to upload videos. I won't be able to PM you back yet got a few more posts before i hit my 50 but i all be there soon.
..... someone try this .

Let me know via PM or post back here, if ya can, does it help you be able to post a video.

Then I will refine it further to more of a logic block decision flow and post a sticky

==Posting A Video==

In a new reply or a quote reply it is same way

>>>Left click on the insert a video icon. 
( one beside left of smily face )
(if not sure hover the curser over the movie film one and it will say, insert a video)

>>>Then in the drop down menu select youtube usually by the little up or down errors.

>>>After that left click the insert a video box and right click it and paste you video that you have copied from
         the address bar of the video.

>>>Then click insert.

(you should see the video show up in the reply window and )

>>>then click post reply, you know...

Hope this helps someone .

 If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.
Linville, thank you for the pm. Once i get my 50 posts i will pm you and everything will make sense! Thanks again for all your help
As Ice mentioned,I delete the http:// that is in drop down box when you click on it,after deleting it paste in vid url with utoobs http://

I got a bit confused at first,you'll sus it out ok.
oh yes that box you speak of with the URL you always delete it or simply paste over top all of it....

That is what I intended to convey too, TommyG.

I will add that specifically to these.
I did in another set I made in PM to someone the other day and did not notice they were not clearly here....

Other than that being added how did you like them?

Once we get them tuned up real good we will see about make a sticky of them.

 If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.

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