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Holiday stress survival tips
We've all experienced this and all have different ways of coping. I guess the easiest way would be to crawl into a hole and not come out till Jan!

Anyways, if anyone has their own person tips about the holidays, please share.

My tips are that immediately come to mind.
1) Never shop on black Friday. Heck, add the entire Thanksgiving weekend.
2) If you must shop at a store, go midweek right after they open their doors. I know that's not possible for the many who work M-F or people that are housebound.
3) Shop online.
4) Don't talk politics or religion during any celebrations........if possible. If drunk Uncle Bob starts in about politics, just change the subject or move to another room.

I think the most important thing is not feeling obligated to do things you really don't want to. Whether it is sending out cards, giving gifts (to everybody), or attending festivities that make you uncomfortable. Obviously if these things make you happy then continue on.

It is YOUR holiday whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice or New Years.

Happy holidays everyone.
I think these are all good suggestions, MoJim. Thanks. Smile

Happy Thanksgiving!
One word .... V@LIUM.

But really, shop early. If you get your gifts as soon as you can you'll have more time to relax and enjoy the festivities. Ask people what they want for Christmas. This works for me but not everyone will agree because it takes the surprise out of your gifts. But as a guy, it saves me hours of unwanted shopping for something the person may not even like or want.

One last thing.... X@NAX

GIFT CARDS!! Some people might think that gift is just being lazing on your part, but I think many younger people would actually prefer them. Yes, a small pill box with a med of  your choice, should be a standard coping aid Smile
I prefer to buy my own gift, on many Christmases past the wife and I have bought our own gifts, I know it's not romantic or a surprise but it saves money and I generally get what I want that way! I really dislike the whole fighting crowds while shopping and hunting for just the right gift thing.
My best friend's late father was one of those old-time "country type" doctors. He set up a practice in the small town we lived in, and she went to the public schools. He used to tell us when my sis and I would go to her house "One way to avoid stress...(in his 'Brooklynese accent', as his daughters called it, that accent I miss so much! He also talked very slowwwwwwly) You go to the SAME bank. You take the SAME route to work. When you take your car in, you take it to the SAME place. You shop at the SAME stores. You take the SAME routes to these places. You also get to know the people after time and they get to know you, and you'll get better service because you'll be a life-long customer."

So I started doing what he said. On my way to work, I did take the same route. No changes. I used the same bank, etc., etc. He was right, for people like me who do not like change. And he followed his own advice. He went to the same place to get his car serviced (never a new car, always used), drove the same roads to his office, etc.

I loved hearing him say it because I adored him and his "accent". I miss those days so much! But I agree with him. I know he didn't mean every single thing can be done the same way - life isn't like that. But we got his point and I still remember it and use it!   Cool  And when I remember it, I get to hear it in his voice in my mind, which is an added plus! Big Grin


MoJo, I agree. Younger people don't think of gift cards as being a "lazy" or "impersonal" thing. From what I've experienced, they usually prefer them.

Also, with gift cards, you won't have to see the gift you gave to your cousin, pop up three years later, re-gifted to YOU by someone else who doesn't know you were the original gifter.  Cool   Big Grin   Heart  Shy 

Last year, one of my cousins received a gift from her step-mother.  We always look forward to hearing what she received, because it's such a hoot! The woman is very well off, and yet she gives my cousin the kind of gifts she has to know my cousin wouldn't want, or she gives her "cast offs" or re-gifts her things she herself has received.

I have no problem with that, if the gift you're re-gifting is something you think the person will like, and the original gifter won't know. Sometimes money is tight. Plus, that way someone will maybe get use out of something you don't need, etc.  

Well, last year she received her usual gift from her step-mother. A book. A book on DIETING. And if that wasn't bad enough, when my cousin looked through the book, it had written in it "To (insert step-mother's name here) From (insert friend of step-mother's name here)." The book had been given to her step-mother, from a friend, and there it was, written in pen on the inside!  Dodgy

My cousin just laughs it off with us.  Tongue  

Your best friend's late father was very wise. My last job, before retirement, required us to have a routine all day long. It made us much more efficient. In my personal life I have usually tried to use the same places whenever possible. So much less stress and again more efficient. That's not to say I don't enjoy new adventures like hiking, traveling or visiting new restaurants.
I do all my shopping online anyways. Amazon Prime pays for itself in my case. Also, ive learned through the years that living 2000 miles away from family is healthy for me and visiting 3x a year is comfortable and tolerable. I just remind myself i have my own life and own haven to come back to if my medicine cant get me through the holidays Smile
Actually though, my family and extended family are all good people and I just can only take them in small doses.
Walmart, avoid like the plague. I only go when I absolutely need to. The last two times I visited, there was soo much stress with people yelling, cussing and honking at one another. Any other store, whether it's the 99cent store or Nordstroms, people treat each other with much more respect.

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