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some would say at fifty post. But for another vendor, one hundred fifty posts. We have to protect the good ones whom have not been usurped by other forums whom put up all their info.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
who has these wonderful bundle of joy these days
Do not come back on here and beg for our sources. Two are now MIA. jenna would read nothing. asked me and others for every question she had. and a newbie with two post, no illness, asked a compassionate soul to give him the vendors that require one hundred fifty posts.

I shall pray for you son. That is compassion.

If you all ne'er do wells keep pleading for rights you have not earned, you, also, will go the way of the wind.

We do not spoon feed you here.

Nor are we fools.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Charon, you are by far one of the best mod's I've seen on any forum of any type.

It's exciting to watch you swing your verbal sword to cut down trolls. You're like an Avenger, and this thread seems to be filled with the ghosts of the disembodied.

Charon, by far the best mod ever, anywhere, hands down!!!!
A hero for all of us
[Image: v1.bTsxMjUzMzQxOTtqOzE3NjUwOzEyMDA7MjAyNTsyOTI1]

Charon for president!
When I was at <50 I spent hours in here, reading very broadly.
Members would describe these little blue tabs with a type of vigor that approached enraptured religious ecstasy.
Like other Newbies in this thread, I just felt that I couldn't wait for the day that I'd be able to gain to access these famous little beauties. 
And, as a Newbie myself, I accessed similar materials from a couple of beloved vendors in the open section - which, luckily, were all authentic, and which satisfied my requirements entirely.
When I passed 50, I was assisted in my search for a K@ vendor by a kindly, respected and trustworthy member.
Ordered immediately, waited for the longest 2 weeks in history, and they arrived.
The minimum order was more than I will require in two lifetimes....but I had them at last!
And their effect was.... Good.  
Great?  The best thing ever? Better than everything else is in the entire universe combined?
Well ..... no.  (At least, not for me).

Don't get me wrong. I'm really glad to have them as part of my little collection.
I feel so privileged every night, to ensure an undisturbed and restful sleep, I have the choice between blue, white, pink or purple.  
But that's what it is. A choice.  Am I flushing all the others down the toilet? No way.
K's are fine.  But I have difficulty getting as ultra-enthusiastic about them as some other members.
Yes, they are reliable, yes they do the job. Yes, the are value for money. And yes, there are viable alternatives.

(Why would I even post this? Huh  I can already feel a flaming response about to be unleashed for this heresy Big Grin )
There's a difference between having an opinion and having an informed opinion.
always have to play by the rules, if you wanna know where to find mother little helpers.

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