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I completely agree about the use of pk's-I have used them for dental work and when I broke bones including one that could not be splinted/casted because then I would not be able to work and pay my bills.

Have been involved with pk addiction up to and including getting clients on methadone so no judgement for those who need help-it can be an insidious life-destroying problem for them and their family/friends.

Many people now can find illegal pk's almost anywhere and if one could get prescription pk for non-pain issues really are playing with fire-my personal opinion is the same as yours: if I get a bad burn, impacted tooth or any kind of surgery done I want pk's to do what they are meant for-stop pain.  You will find no help if you have a tolerance that you should not have.

Side note I shot off at someone that I medically use "pams" on a daily basis-they could not believe this or how low my dose is and has remained for a very long time-with a drink in their hand the look I got was vile-another day in paradise...
I agree with you so much mr-nobody. PKs have their place...I really welcomed the morphine in hospital when I broke my wrist but I can’t imagine using them recreationally.
I sympathize/empathize with your interaction with your associate about your “Pam” use. There’s really some hypocrisy there when you’re think what a deadly “drug” alcohol is.

Also meant to comment on your experience Charon with the doctor and the kindness you were showing your mother with the Xanax. More and more doctors seem to be twerps these days. My last one was always focused on the time with me. It is really gratifying to have your doctor looking at his watch when you’re trying to explain a serious (to me) problem.
Jesus christ that's ridiculous charon

Presumably the dr said that to you soon after she passed too? What an ass. A doctor with 0 compassion
My oh my I couldn't say enough good things about ksalols!!! Most definitely my favorite personally, took them for years and never had a bad experience! They are by far my fave since the gador bars dissapeared years and years ago and if had a choice I would definitely take these over any other brand any day of week!!??
(03-12-2018, 07:32 PM)Charon Wrote: Do not come back on here and beg for our sources.  Two are now MIA.  jenna would read nothing. asked me and others for every question she had.  and a newbie with two post, no illness, asked a compassionate soul to give him the vendors that require one hundred fifty posts.

I shall pray for you son.  That is compassion.

If you all ne'er do wells keep pleading for rights you have not earned, you, also, will go the way of the wind.

We do not spoon feed you here.

Nor are we fools.

daaaang, now that’s how lay the smack down. Good job!

A Great Mind and a Good Heart and Soul Will Always Prevail and Rule Over The Rumors Fakery and [email protected] That You Go Through.
I think that average quantity of fools among doctors is not more than the same one in the general human population. )
(01-26-2020, 07:27 PM)Kachamkin Wrote: I think that average quantity of fools among doctors is not more than the same one in the general human population. )
Yes, second that. And with doctors, is even more evident. In fact, I only met, may be 4 or 5 doctors in my entire life, that where not morons .
Not only moronic Drs, completely idiotic legislators! I received a what’s new letter from my Governors office , he was so proud to reveal the release of millions of taxpayer dollars to collages for rehabbing students addicted to opioids. I replied to his office that thousands of his constituents with chronic pain have to seek illegal sources for pain relief due to across the board no common sense legislation that has determined them no better than drug abusers. Forgive this rant, but my DH has meniers disease and vertigo, the only relief he gets is from Valium and when he needs a refill it’s 20 questions and restricted amts. and this is from a specialist! Is it any wonder we look for alternative Sources. We are in our 70’s I have chronic pain and most of my meds are no longer obtained through my “ legitimate “ dr.

(10-11-2019, 05:31 PM)Charon Wrote: I am so sorry mr. nobody.

I did want to be a psychiatrist at first till my medical doctor sister vivisected a baby pig. I decided that moment I was gonna be a doctor of law.  Less Blood.

When I caregave for my family as they passed one by one from cancer *its a very irish thing. And, we worked in coal mines to try to get the workers to make unions. We had to leave ireland after some threats of death.

When people try to find out PKs from me, for a stubbed toe, I tell them what will u take when the cancer comes?

When i was mid twenties i made a vow to God to never ever take a PK unless I was really ill.

And,. my health care on me mother, the nite before she passed, she asked me for another xanax for nerves. So she had a total of two xanax in her life. and her rat bastard Doctor whom checked to make sure i set up oxygen and all, screamed at me for giving her one xanax when we both knew she was passing over.  Doctor said: you made an addict of your mother on the day she died. Despicable.

huh?  Fuck em all, if i can take pain away from someone really ill, I shall.  Yeah I made my mother a xanax freak from having 2 pills total the nite before she dies.  Cancer had spread throughout her.  But I have never forgotten he told me i made her an ADDICT ON TWO PILLS BEFORE HER DEATH?  Jackasses.

The doctors out there now are morons.  Ok, many of them.

Just damned fools.  Pretty sure a woman whom had a total of two xanax in her life did not get addicted from those two pills the nite before she died. Many doctors are fools, and I hear those words still from that doctor twenty yrs later.

Just as well, as every thing a doctor tells me i have, its incurable.  Works out fine for me. I don't trust a one of them.

You made me cry for your experience with your dear mother. I went through a similar ordeal with mine. It was heartbreaking to watch this brave , strong loving woman, wither in pain . If the slightest dose was given too soon and the script needed refilled earlier, we caught hell because we may make this 85 year old dying woman dependent !
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And, we don't need quite a few of ur arses.

Pitschnass got banned long ago. so u revealed his new name.

You are not our original group of members. The cruelty and hate towards each other tells me what forums u r from.
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