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(11-12-2016, 09:07 AM)Pitschnass Wrote: Wow. Now I get why you have to take all the pills you are talking about.
Please delete my account and all my previous posts. I definitely do not want to be part of this strange sect anymore.

Cool,goodbye,dont forget to drink the Kool Aid.Sue theres a sect of rec users you can talk pure drivel to,where do these folk drag themselves from?Jim Jones' Camp?
Well by reading the above I have to say that rudness is a bad advisor. It has predictive value like that of listing a drug in frond of all eyes and demanding to get it at once as if you were a king and others should obey your paranoid order. And also a hard job for the admin put extra strain and emmotional burder to decide what to do with this kind of member.
Does anyone else feel that the ksalols are weaker than 10 years ago?  Just curious. Thanks guys.
I am not sure how much we can say about this in open forum, but I use about 8-10 a day and that is the same amount of b@rs I was prescribed. I no longer have the prescription because I moved and the new state I'm in, cant find a doc who will write the script again for me even though I was on that much for 5 years before moving here. Luckily I meet an (Angel) that can help me with my needs and is very helpful and che@p and always on time!!!

So I guess as a reply to your question I would say they are cheep enough that if they seem a little weaker to you take an extra 1 or 2 a day and you should be fine. I personally love them and think they are perfect, just as they are. I work 12 hour days taking that much as well and does not affect my busy job at all!!!
Thanks for the reply. This is a great forum. Maybe they should be tried again to really tell.
I never understood why these are unmarked.
Any ideas?
(11-21-2016, 02:09 AM)ashylarry Wrote: I never understood why these are unmarked.
Any ideas?

Many are unmarked. Different laws about imprint/identification.
I think they are the best ones around, very strong. legit fro EU I think.
Placed an order for ksalol's an hour ago.  These things are wicked!
(11-16-2016, 03:27 PM)Charon Wrote: That vendor is now choosing very carefully whom she will take as her clientele.  If you are a pre existing client, she may take you.  Good luck. k?

Thanks Charon, im pretty sure i got ahold of her and used her correct email and we had an interaction that was plesant, just playing the waiting game atm. I was given a TN andshipping was from proper country...we shall see what happens Wink)

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