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Buying in Mexico then back to USA
Morning, Dude. sound advice.

Maybe twenty or fifteen yrs ago, one could safely go to mexico. get meds from doctors on every corner. and make it back to the states.

But the dangers to a US citizen are now horrific. So not worth it. If a criminal in Mexico does not go after you, customs will. And, if u ever saw Locked up abroad on TV, u do not want to be incarcerated there.

Even a professional businessman and his wife, whilst leaving mexico, were in a serious car accident. No one in mexico would help him. We had to get all sorts of diplomats involved to get the poor man to a hospital.

I sound morbid but i read legal cases. So many of our younger people whom went to that country in recent years, have never returned.

It can be a brutal country. No idea how our New President has made the country feel about our country now.

It used to be that we called a doctor in Mexico. The tunnel was still in place. One would receive in like two days. (I got animal meds cuz I did rescue.) Or, people would visit. And, have others set them up with a doctor.

Those days are gone. Please be so careful.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Just wanted to reiterate to be more careful than ever down south. Was in a bad situation because I was not aware of how much has changed over the years.

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