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Buying in Mexico then back to USA
Travel safe Hollywoodjimbo. Be careful, watch your back, and most of all have some fun!

Keep us updated. I live in a border state and years ago it was a breeze to bring back anything. Now I have heard coming back into the US, border patrol is much more picky. However I do think it depends on where you cross over at.

(11-12-2016, 06:45 PM)Hollywoodjimbo Wrote: Thanks everyone! I plan on staying down there for at least a year, leaving on Monday from the eastern sierras where it's just too cold in the winter. I think I'll do as Tbaronfl suggested and scope it out. As long as they have no crazy crap like the airports, should be a breeze. I'll keep everyone posted after I'm down there.
Jimbo aka El Duderino in Spanish!

Hey Dude careful and Our friend I said hello.  Cool

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Oh good HJ, you are gonna stay there for a year. Gives me some time to chat with my sis.
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Well times have changed, you can't, at least in the state of California go to mexico and buy meds, declare them and cross the border!! The border patrol will take them and then search the rest of your shit for anything else. I tried it with trams 2 times and both times they took them. You don't even need a script for trams in mexico. I lived in SoCal for 6 years went to Tijuana many times!
I may be in the area December/January. I'll be cautiously keeping my eyes open to see what's available.
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I was down there in December visiting family. Went in thru AZ. I saw small sidewalk tent signs in front of pharmacies advertising tr@ms for sale. Was not approached by anyone asking if I needed to see a DR. But there were the usual sidewalk barkers asking if I needed a dentist or an eye DR. Perhaps if I'd asked they would have directed me to the kind of doctor with an rx catalog that Jimbo talked about. But i was with family a wasn' free to check it out. We did puck up several no c@ontrolled scrips at deeply discounted prices. On our way back things were very different than they were years ago.even P theough the line to return to the US was very long Customs was  looking in everyone's shopping  bags to make sure you were bringing only non-controlled items. It's not not LIKE it was years years ago when you just walked past a bored guy guy at a desk
Do not put off till tomorrow what can be put off till day-after-tomorrow just as well. - Mark Twain
Would it be safe to mail back from Mexico?
Namaste  Smile
From my understanding customs can check your usps packages but not private companies like ups or fedex. At least that's how it used to be, not sure if that has changed.
So ups or FedEx is the way to go if ever sending anything that may be at risk of being seized?
Namaste  Smile
That is my understanding, because they are private companies... not federal

I just Googled it am I stand corrected. They can go thru your packages but fed ex gives tips on how to make it an easier process. Sorry for the misinformation.

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