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who has it and is it better that R kl@p
Isn't that the stuff that tastes like banana?
had some from one of our vendors a couple years ago and it didn't do squat.
It's strong, just doesn't last as long as r@che IMO.
People used to rave about these so called 'banakins' so I took the plunge and ordered some a few years back. A very nice mellow feeling, but as stated above, they do not seem to last long at all and I found myself going through twice my normal dosage in a day.

Defo prefer Roche.
Glad to get the affirmation Leesus
i like roche...bananas are ok but not good as 2mm roche out there
Hey air, hope you are well. Ah the legend continues! Can't tell you how many people across the Boards inquire about Bannanakins. Have never tried them as the one vendor was always out of stock. Maybe they are that good? Have tried most Clonazepam, and including Roche from several vendors and for some reason I always go back to Galenika from our S friends. Seems they remind me most of my US scripts, Very Mellow, Just my opinion I could be wrong. A discussion for the ages, whatever works for you, get it and get a bunch if you like it! ff
A bit late to the convo, but I agree, although I like the flavor and how it easily dissolves under the tongue, it does its magic, but doesn't last as long as the R@che brand, I believe. But each to her/his own. We are all different with different chemistry and what works for others, may work or not work for the next person! Just my 2 cents! Smile


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