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Best benzo for opiate w/d?
My cousin is finally ready to kick the smack and wants to do it at home. He is using the Thomas recipe, which calls for a benzo. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good one for opiate w/d? Xanax seems out, with its short half life and higher potential for addiction. Klonopin maybe, due it its long half-life? Ativan? It would just be for a short time (his would make sure he only took it for a week or two for sleep and comfort). Any suggestions welcome!
I never helped someone withdraw from the big H. But, i would be more comfortable with a person using valium. I don't know klonopin. But, as an old timer, i believe in the tried and true.

Valium would ease pain, nausea, restless leg, spasms and seizures in my humble opinion.

I don't give medical advice, but it is just a thought.
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Like Charon, have no direct experience.  But, for me, klon of a respected brand takes a bit longer to act, but lasts longer than v for me.
Best luck to your friend. 

OT: u r so funny mr. spankster with ur sig line. poor spanky.
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Valium due to the longer half-life. Some clonodine will also help with the BP issues
You are all so helpful! Looks like val is the way to go. He will have clonodine as well.
Thanks so much for the advice. His girlfriend will be caring for him (she is a saint), and I will support her as I can, though I am a bit burned out on his behavior at this point. She will be doling out meds, and he will only have a supply for 2 weeks. Sounds like Xanax and Vals are the way to go. Again, many thanks!
the big H. in post one.
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I know a list of medications to Kick H. and Benzo's are only a small part of that equation. I know first hand.. Kpins are helpful, Val's are helpful as well. Those two alone are the only benzos I'd recommend. Also clonidine is EXTREMELY helpful and helped me lower my does of Subutex and of course H. I have an extensive personal history combating Opiate addiction.. Can your First see a doctor? If not I can help and give the exact list of medications. Please let me know as I know the pure HELL that goes along with coming off of H.

PM me if you're actually serious about helping your pal come down easy. I offer my time and advice out of the kindness of my heart, because when I was suffering, I had few guys talk to me personally... I can PROMISE you a significant change and chance of help.. I give you my word and my oath to give you the most solid advice possible.

Valium is great.
but i really find that doing a pharmy coctail is best if your not trying to do a rapid bup3 tapper.
These mixtures include clonidine (the most helpful i feel) valium and or ativan and ambien and for sleep.

Gaba also can help with the restless legs at night.


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