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Hi guys,

Would anyone know what a small, round green pill with 30 marked on both sides would be? Got 1 in an order I just received and have no idea what it is. Came from Taj land.


A fake ox*y?

I'd toss it. The fakes are so risky now with the fent*nal and the hero*n.
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If it was from T, ask him. He has some new things
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(09-15-2016, 01:48 PM)Rumor Wrote: If it was from T, ask him. He has some new things

I contacted the vendor (not T) and it is Oxy, which I did throw out. I don't trust PK's from that area anyway and wasn't gonna take the chance. Down the tubes it went.

Thanks guys

Got a sample of something like that from Taj land and it was green. They said it was ox*. Tried it and it was fine. Did the trick.
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I put a warning in that thread about another sample handed out. a red one.

I also advised cricket, whom had adverse side effects from another vendor, to toss the suckers.

Please, we do not encourage people to "try" a medicine, not from their physician, but from an online vendor.

Most of us know many of those whom died in the past year from meds being laced.

I advise people to toss what they did not order.

It is not worth ur life.
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Sound advise indeed....

If it is not recognised by you, why play "Russian Roulette" .... Is it really worth dieing for? I think not...

I'm not the "lab rat" I once was... Many moons ago... To old to gamble such a high price for a maybe....

Take Charon's advise ... She has all our best intrests in mind, can you say the same about where that unknown substance came from? I highly doubt it....

Just sayin...

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I had a friend die in July from a questionable pill. Please don't take anything that you don't know what it is, and especially stuff that could be mixed with F. I don't want to see anyone suffer from something going wrong.
Making sure the group knows about these kits.

And then there are larger kits with a ceramic cup, grinder and various eye droppers to do a broader range of checmicals.

Be safe!

It's all good;  it's just that some of it is better than others...
Good info jw.

Now who was it looking for this kind of thing just a minute ago.

Darn if I had a good memory I could remember....

Thank you again jw for he post you mind if I abbreviate you name.

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.

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