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Google will print every question on meds u ask
(09-14-2016, 06:08 PM)MoJim Wrote: Wow, I've tried everything I can to make duckduckgo my default browser, but it's seems g o o g l e won't let me. I've done the research and followed all the instructions and downloaded it several times.....nothing helps. Might need to lean on close relatives that are computer techs, with one studying for a cyber security degree. I think I will delete all of my browsing history beforehand. It's that or build a new computer with a new hard drive and operating system. It just seems like G has it's tentacles around my computer. Plus maybe some malware. If anybody has a better idea it would be appreciated.

You use Windows ?

I have access to one and I will look but all it consists of is ....well you know that sorry it is why u asked....

Let me get back later for you MoJim, K.

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Thanks Linville. I have Windows 7 Ultimate. I did a little research and tweaked my Chrome settings. One article stated it wasn't so much as G tracking and storing your info but rather 3rd parties. I did the "do not track" setting as recommended. I really don't want to call in the...............Millennials! Damn those kids know everything, like they were born with a smart phone in their hand Undecided
Just watched Snowden last night *chills*... This is very real I googled myself so I could see. Smh.
There is no one step solution to protecting your identity......other than using a VPN or a proxy server....

One of the additional and worthwhile safeguards is to occasionally delete your "Website Date" or "Cookies". Every browser allows you to do this...usually under "settings".

If you do this (and I do) you will be required to sign-in again to sites that require a log-in.....such as our own .org.
It's minor inconvenience compared to the amount of data you are deleting from your computer about websites/links visited. Highly recommend you do this occasionally.
Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence - Desiderata
Using a VPN is certainly recommended and I do a weekly deletion of browser history. I also just learned that I could sign into G and delete all of the websites I had visited. I was shocked how it was all there to see. I could also change some settings. This will be another weekly maintenance task for me. I asked a computer tech millennial this past weekend "is G evil?". His response was "depends on who you ask". He also added that data collection has been going on for decades, it's nothing new. So, those of us that are not so tech savvy, need to get up to speed.
Deleting browser history does NOT delete cookies.

It only deletes memories of pages visited.....a kind of table of contents/history.
Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence - Desiderata
That's interesting Popster. When I go into my Window's control panel and under internet options I can delete browsing history, cookies etc. You are probably right about "memories of pages visited". When I went into G settings it seemed like many of the pages that should have been deleted were still there in the G browser. So for the time being I will be deleting from both my windows control panel and the G settings. Using a VPN doesn't seem to block this data gathering at all.
the VPN will only block your IP address....

I forgot to mention that "clearing" your cache files is helpful as well.

I am an Apple guy......but also IT professional.....the control panel settings with your OS will not over ride your browser's settings and that is why you see the conflict.....that would be my guess. you are right to delete from bothSmile
Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence - Desiderata
The thread title is 100% true. I typed a specific item in this section asking for info, then g 0ogl3d the particular item, and the very first hit was my post here!! Be VERY careful. As that 80's song goes, "The heat is on"
I have lost a lot of respect for Groogle.......they are an unwelcome intruder on my doorstep!!!!!
Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence - Desiderata

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