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question 30mg roxy
Oh yea if your doc knows you have used in an addictive manner your chances of getting helpful meds are almost nil. I have a compassionate shrink who agrees that i'd be better off medicated employed and productive than miserable on meds one step up from placebo. SSRIs for example, only did like half a percent better than sugar pill in trials but they bought their way thru the process. I don't take any thing unless it's been around at least 20 years without any horror stories. Opiod pks excepted, because the CONCEPT is hundreds of years old.

With NHS are your records centralised? If that was the case here i'd be screwed as far as my shrink keeping me on clon and adderall
yep,all records on database for anywhere you go in this country,from what i am seeing and hearing it sounds like this country is stopping people from getting adequate pain relief like what has been happening in the US,what happens in the US usually follows here not so long after.

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